Lexus Pickup Truck Concept Release Date and Price

Fans of Toyota vehicles who turn to luxurious models are keen on Lexus products. This branch of the Japanese carmaker produces quality and durable models, but with more equipment. Also, extra features bring extra power. With growing truck segment, Lexus is considering a launch of their own model. The Lexus Pickup Truck Concept is ready, and we are now waiting for the official announcement of the production vehicle.

Designers are almost sure with styling. Thanks to the leaked sources, we can predict what to expect. Of course, strong support is coming from its parent company. So, many similarities are certain. Well, we still don’t know a name for Lexus Pickup Truck. We assume that the company will start with the compact segment. The concept is there, and it could be modified for a full-size pickup.

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept white

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept Engine

Leaked information is speaking of the 3.5-l V-6 drivetrain as the main favorite for the first Lexus truck. For an entry-level compact pickup, it is not a bad solution. Petrol unit can make enough power. But, it is not impossible to see a turbocharger as an aid to the engine. Another option is diesel drivetrain. However, this is not so likely to happen at this moment. The only sure thing is the transmission. For Lexus Pickup Truck Concept it is 10-speed gearbox.

Lexus to Launch the First Pickup as a Hybrid?

Besides the conventional engine, Lexus has plans for the hybrid truck. Other companies are already developing it, including Ford, Chevy, and Nissan. Engineers in Toyota have the same task, and it is not impossible to see some experimental unit on Lexus Pickup. However, the luxurious truck segment is not so popular. Also, the company decides to offer a plug-in version, it doesn’t mean buyers would be crazy about the truck.Lexus Pickup Truck Concept engine

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept Design

The Lexus Pickup Truck Concept will borrow a lot of parts and design solutions from its siblings from other classes. It is sure that the truck will offer stylish appearance and luxurious interior. However, in every luxurious class design is more important than performance. Even high-end trucks’ buyers are looking at the specs sheets first. So, this is why luxury pickups are not so popular.

However, Lexus will try to make a balance between these two. The performance is great with 3.5-l V-6. We are sure that manufacturer won’t fail with design and equipment.

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept front


The cabin of the Lexus Pickup Truck Concept will offer all the latest features. We can just look to its crossover sibling, LX570 and everything will be clear. Infotainment of the latest generation, leather seats, and extra climate and heating options will provide better comfort than many sedans can offer.

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept Release Date

Without official confirmation, we can’t precisely predict the release date and price of the Lexus Pickup Truck Concept. However, other rival companies announced their models for 2018 and 2019. So, we can guess that Lexus will respond to this challenge and launch its pickup at the same time.

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