LineX vs Rhino Lining – Spray-In Bed Liner Review

Bed liners are help features that will protect your truck’s bed and keep the cargo safer. Big loads need to be secure, especially on bumpy roads, and that is the importance of the bed liner. Discussion about the best options is always present, and it seems like that most enthusiasts compare LineX vs Rhino Lining.

Both of them are Spray-in liners. As it is important to pick the best option, the key is also in installation. This process costs between $400 and $900. At the higher end, the installer will offer color-matching and extra spraying. Nevertheless, truck owners usually ask for UV protectants since color fades on sun after few years.

LineX vs Rhino Lining bed

LineX vs Rhino Lining Similarities

Before we compare two leaders and decide which is the better one, we must say what do they have in common. In the matter of fact, both LineX vs Rhino Lining are using the same chemicals. Basically. There are differences, but it is important to chemicals, not to consumers. Lifetime warranty comes from both bed liners, and both of them are offering same or very similar color options. Rhino and Linex need pretty much the same tools for installation.

LineX vs Rhino Lining Installation

LineX vs Rhino Lining Characteristics

Both of these bed liners have their own advantages and characteristics. If we compare the major differences, we would say that Line X’s highlight is durability. It also brings molded look. Contrary, Rhino offers versatility and reliability. Its installation is simple and clean. However, there are options here too. One of them is to do it by yourself if you have proper tools. If not, installers are using different methods for Rhino Liner. To get a similar look as LineX is offering, he will use high-pressure spraying system. LineX is applicable with the same method at 130-210 degrees. Another option is TuffGrip process, which brings rubbery impression.

LineX vs Rhino Lining Specs

It is a common opinion that LineX is offering harder bed liner than it comes from Rhino. Users of this option say that feeling is obvious while walking in the truck bed. Also, it happens sometimes that parts are damaged easier, especially when you carry wooden cargo. Giving boost on hardness, some won’t like it. So, they turn to Rhino Lining that is smoother and gentler than LineX. It is because of the thicker coating and sometimes few layers. Nevertheless, softer bed liner means it is easier to damage, contrary to its rival that can damage cargo.

LineX vs Rhino Lining

LineX vs Rhino Lining Liner Price

Cost of the installation for both LineX vs Rhino Lining is pretty much the same. Total depends on a number of truck buyers want to cover. If they want to spray-on the entire body, the installation will cost at least $3,000. With full coverage, it can go up to $5,000. Nevertheless, these are rear occasions. Owners usually decide to spray the truck bed only. This is more economical, and costs between $500 and $1,000. The installer will charge a similar amount for its work.

Rhino Liner vs LineX Verdict

Whichever LineX vs Rhino Lining bed liner you use, the fact is it is going to fade after some time. UV radiation and sunlight are always stronger. This is not the case only with Rhino Liner and LineX, but all bed liners. So, the recommendation is to reinstall it after few years.

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