Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Comes instead of Diesel

And while we are all waiting eagerly for the announcement of diesel engines, Toyota surprises again. No diesel again, but no disappointment as well. The company is giving hints about the Toyota Tacoma Hybrid. Rare fans saw it coming. Many experts are shocked, and the entire industry is trying to find out if these stories are valid. The Tfltrucks are reporting about it and we believe they wouldn’t play with this.

We can say this is not impossible. The company moved the production to the US. It is one of the leaders in many segments, and Americans have a lot of trust in it. Toyota meets expectations. That is the perfect relation. But, innovations usually mean some experiments. One of these will be Toyota Tacoma Hybrid. After the big disappointment with calling off the development of diesel engine, we start o believe the electric unit could be the reason. Now, the image is somehow clearer, but far away from pure.

Toyota Tacoma Hybrid

Toyota Tacoma Will be the First Mid-Size Hybrid

Tacoma is one of the most powerful trucks in the mid-size class. However, its V-6 engine consumes a lot of fuel. Also, it can’t deal with a towing capacity of Chevy Colorado. With a diesel engine, the GM’s pickup offers 7,700 pounds of towing potential. Its starting price is way above the most affordable Nissan Frontier. But, the good thing is that Toyota is not launching some truck that no one buys just to be cheapest. Tacoma is very popular, and hybrid will make it even more wanted.

While the competition in the light-duty segment is tougher, we can find info about hybrids coming to this class. Ford F-150 is already on the way. But, we still don’t know when it could arrive. Some estimations are that during next season first prototypes will debut. On the other hand, FCA Group already confirmed mild-hybrid Ram 1500 for next season. But, no smaller trucks are in these stories. The Toyota Tacoma Hybrid pickup is the first mentioned.

Toyota Tacoma Hybrid drivetrain

Toyota Tacoma Hybrid mpg and specs

Experts are not sure what kind of drivetrain Toyota will develop. They believe that both existing engines could be the base for Toyota Tacoma Hybrid truck. A four-cylinder engine is an excellent solution for better gas mileage. The Toyota Tacoma Hybrid mpg rating would jump to at least 25 mpg combined with some mild electric battery.

On the other hand, if Toyota Tacoma Hybrid needs more power, then 3.5-liter V-6 is there to deliver it. The standard petrol unit can create 280 horses and return 24 mpg at its best. With the addition of electric motor, the truck would gain at least 20 horses and boost the gas mileage up to 25 mpg on the highway and 23 mpg for city ride.

Toyota Tacoma Hybrid side

Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Towing Capacity

The Toyota Tacoma Hybrid won’t be able to tow as much as its petrol sibling. That is the cost of extra gas mileage and power. But again, mild-hybrid is not affecting these numbers radically. A V-6 engine is ready to pull 6,500 pounds, which is among the best outputs in the league. Of course, we won’t compare it to diesel trucks. A drop to 6,000 pounds or even 5,500 lbs, is not spoiling the news about hybrid appearance.

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  1. I wish I could say that I like where Toyota is going with this hybrid power. I’m all for hybrid gasoline/electric power powering a small truck. But I don’t appreciate that it’s the *only* power option. I like having the option of a diesel/electric hybrid engine. I believe it can be done. Diesel/electric power has been powering locomotives for years. So why not downsize it for everyday trucks like the Tacoma and the Tundra?


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