What is a Chevy K10 truck?

The Chevy K10 truck was a half-ton truck, the predecessor of the Silverado 1500. This one was available with a four-wheel drive, while models with a 2WD were Chevrolet C10. Also, the lineup of those C/K trucks was very similar to what we see from the Silverado. The 1500 model succeeded the K10, while the HD class is out instead of the ¾-ton and 1-ton trucks, C/K20 and C/K30.

The first generation of the C/K truck was introduced in 1960 and lasted for seven seasons. There were also three more series of the nameplate – second 1967-1972, third 1972-1991, and fourth 1991-1999. After that one, the Silverado steps in as the replacement.

Nowadays, younger fans try to figure out the differences between Chevy K10 and C10, also K5 pickup. Plus, the square-body truck followed modern trends of its time. In past couple of months, we can hear that GM could bring back old-school design.

What is a Chevy K10 truck


During four generations in production, the Chevy K10 truck had many different engines. Inline-six was there for the first generation, while one of the options was a 5.4-liter V8. The second-gen model brought some changes, so the displacements were from 4.1-liter to 6.5-liter. The third series added even bigger units, such as 6.6 and 7.4L displacements. Also, a couple of oil burners joined the lineup, a 5.7 and a 6.2 V8s. The final run brought the biggest unit for the K10 – the 8.1-liter V8. Most of the old plants were discontinued with the arrival of the Silverado.

Chevy K10 truck vs K5

The K10 is a badge for the half-ton truck with a 4WD, while the C10 is the same size 2WD model. The Chevrolet K5 is a quarter-ton pickup. We also remember it as the platform for the old Blazer SUV. The K5 truck was replaced with Colorado, and SUVs with the same platform – Chevrolet Tahoe in 1995 and GMC Yukon in 1991. Speaking of dimensions, the Chevy K10 truck was 8 inches longer and the wheelbase was stretched by 11 inches. Of course, the bigger truck was also carrying engines with more power, which meant higher consumption and towing capacity. You can still buy K5 and K10 trucks, but it is hard to find vehicles in a good condition and with original parts.

first generation Chevy K10 truck

Squared truck

The squared truck design was pretty popular back in the days. Today, we don’t have such models, due to evolution of body structure that supports better aerodynamics. The old design will be interesting to modern mechanics, especially with a pair of gas tanks. There are a lot of modifications available on the Chevy K10 trucks that survived. But, they barely improved comfort. They are not comparable to the modern pickups with enhanced suspension. Even the last generation of the K10 was called “rounded”.


Silverado pickup arrived as the replacement for the Chevy K10 truck. The lineup needed upgrades to follow modern trends and the new nameplate was not the only change. Fresh design and ne drivetrains made the Silverado more competitive to the Ford F-Series.

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