Will Subaru Bring Back the Baja Truck in 2024-2025?

Subaru is one of the fastest growing automotive companies today. The carmaker is investing into new business and one of the upcoming vehicles could a pickup truck. Subaru was active in this market nearly 2 decades ago, but fans still remember the Baja. It was a car-based truck with exceptional versatility and a unique driving impression.

Now, old and new fans are exploring the possibility of a return. It might happen, especially with the expansion of production. Subaru is even planning to build a new plant in the foreseeable future. It is an obvious sign that new models are coming out soon. The first one is announced already – an all-electric Solterra SUV. Also, the company is redesigning Forester.

Another reason why Baja truck could be back is a revival of compact pickups based on the unibody platform. Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz are already out, while Toyota Stout and Ram 1200 are under development. The Subaru Baja can bring unique stuff to the market with the Boxer engine and 4×4 drive.

subaru baja truck release date

Subaru Baja Truck Concept

From this perspective, the Baja truck can be based on either the Outback crossover or the Ascent SUV. That will determine the position of the pickup on the market. As a compact model, it is going to be a small vehicle for urban deliveries. A mid-size truck would face tougher competition. The only other midsize pickup that uses unibody architecture is Honda Ridgeline. Unfortunately, its unique platform is not making this vehicle more interesting – Ridgeline is the slowest selling midsize truck. So, the Baja could have more chances as a compact model.

So, Baja can use the Subaru Global Platform. It also allows the truck to get a hybrid powertrain. Such setups are pretty cool nowadays and put the Japanese company in advantage over the competition. The E-Boxer system is producing 150 hp for crossovers. The truck needs more juice to satisfy the needs of truckers in the US. So, expect an enhanced version of a hybrid system.

subaru baja truck comeback

Boxer Engines

As a compact truck, the Subaru Baja can borrow some of the powertrains from its siblings. A 2.5-liter flat-four is the choice that matches the outputs of Ford Maverick. The unit does 182 hp and 176 lb-ft, with power distribution to all wheels. The gas mileage is not bad, but it will depend on the towing capacity. Those kinds of trucks are not the best haulers with 1,500-2,000 pounds.

A turbocharged 2.4-liter mill puts out much better numbers. Again, compared to the Maverick, this one matches high-output versions. The Baja XT truck could be out with 260 hp and 280 lb-ft, and improved towing capacity – 3,500 pounds. You still need a couple of other upgrades that support maximum hauling potential. The truck can use the same powerplant if it ends up in the midsize class.

Subaru Baja Pickup Release Date

It is not impossible to see the new truck pretty soon. Subaru could use the moment and hype about compact pickups. Still, prototypes are not spotted yet to confirm theories and rumors. When that happens, we can make estimations about the release date. More about the 2024 Baja you can read here.

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