2019 Chevy el Camino Comeback As Special Limited Edition

There is no way that el Camino returns for the serial production. That is clear. Maybe five years, or more, we can hear rumors about the big comeback. Year after year, fans of this vehicle are disappointed. Well, GM could bring it back at some point, but for now, it could be only a limited edition truck for next year. So, all we can hope for is 2019 Chevy el Camino as the special type of Colorado.

It is more likely to see 2019 Chevy Avalanche, than 2019 Chevy el Camino. Why? Avalanche is a utility truck that can be useful again. Well, the pickup is not going to have the same purpose as before, styling, or engines. The same we can say for el Camino. But, the truck must keep its sporty nature to bring back the badge of a pickup discontinued in 1987.

2019 Chevy el Camino comeback

New 2019 Chevy el Camino Concept

The old el Camino was a truck based on the coupe platforms. New renders are showing a similar idea. The latest images will show us a 2019 Chevy el Camino built on Chevrolet Camaro. Well, this is not so bad to see, but the concept is impossible to happen. Besides the performance, the vehicle wouldn’t have any other truck’s characteristics.

The 2019 Chevy el Camino, as a limited edition model, could use some of the older concepts. Even the Chevy Reaper prototype is there as some kind of an option. In the matter of fact, that would be a great choice for GM. The company would finally show the production truck from the concept launched ten years ago. On the other hand, fans would see el Camino once again. But, in this case, it would have a handful of similarities with its predecessors. However, we don’t expect too many of them either.

2019 Chevy el Camino concept

2019 Chevy el Camino SS

The special, top of the class trim, could again be 2019 Chevy el Camino SS. With special tuning and equipment, the Super Sport version of the pickup is going to conquer once more. But, this is only an idea. Well, if 2019 el Camino comes back, be sure that will bring its SS badge as well.

2019 Chevy el Camino Specs

Another question is – what can power 2019 Chevy el Camino? One of the V6 engines is the most certain solution. The sporty truck is not going to get a V8. On the other hand, inline-four, even with turbochargers is not producing enough power.

2019 Chevy el Camino SS

2019 Chevy el Camino Release Date, Price, Spy Shots

Lack of spy photos is not giving us too much hope the 2019 Chevy el Camino is happening. Nevertheless, as the special edition, it doesn’t need too much testing. Also, it could arrive as the concept for future trucks. The limited pickup will probably take a slot under Colorado, as a performance-oriented truck, or between two flagship models in this segment. Definitely, the 2019 el Camino will cost more than Colorado, but less than Silverado. The SS edition will definitely start above the half-ton vehicle.

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