Is it Time for 2020 BMW Pickup Truck?

Luxury truck for the US market – sounds nice, but the companies are not rushing with these models. there were some tries in the past, but nothing else left at the moment. Well, there are some high-end models of the standard offer available, and that’s all. The unique luxury truck lineup could start with the 2020 BMW Pickup Truck.

The German carmaker is trying to rebuild its reputation after big scandal with emission reports. A new model is definitely a wise plan, especially in the new segment. That is exactly what BMW needs. But, on the other hand, it is probably a clear sacrifice.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck


It’s been a while since we are listening about the 2020 BMW Pickup Truck. There must be some true in all these speculations. We can also see the renders every now and then. Interesting, every time the Bavarian carmaker launches a new model, stories about the pickup are warming up. It happened when BMW was launching the new X5, and now it is the same when the X7 stepped into the market.

All the concepts are based on the existing SUVs. The 2020 BMW Pickup Truck looks like a sport utility vehicle with a bed. Well, we don’t expect a serious hauler. Luxury trucks will be sportier. It is still questionable if the upcoming vehicle could be built on a unibody platform or a body on frame.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck new renders


There are only a few models in the truck segment we can call luxurious. First of all, we have Denali lineup of GMC models. The company makes this package both for full-size Sierra 1500 and the mid-size Canyon. BMW will probably be a smaller pickup.

Other vehicles we can find a rival are Chevy Silverado High Country. A mid-size Colorado is more off-road and utility-oriented. The same is with Ford’s lineup. F-150 Limited is currently the most expensive model you can pay. Toyota is not building premium versions of Tacoma and Tundra.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck concept

2020 BMW Pickup Truck Specs

Well, the 2020 BMW Pickup Truck will use one of the existing drivetrains the company is using. If we take a look at the BMW X7 lineup, we can find a few interesting offers. A bi-turbo V6 is capable to produce 340 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. It seems enough for a such vehicle – more than the standard offer, but still not a high-output version. If the Germans decide to go after the performance, a 4.4 twin-turbo V8 can make 450-530 hp and 480-550 lb-ft of twisting power.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck Will be Expensive

Like for the SUVs, the premium class of the truck class costs significantly higher than the non-luxury editions. On the other hand, Americans love to spend money on pickups. Base versions of mid-size models are usually priced from $26,000 while the full-size pickups add around $4,000. However, the average price paid for a truck in 2018 is above $45,000. So, there is a room for the 2020 BMW Pickup Truck to start under $50,000.

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