2021 BMW Pickup Truck Is Happening… or Not?

The German carmaker is making some big moves. Some while ago we saw the premiere of the full-size X7 SUV. What is the next step? Let’s hope that engineers are turning their attention to the 2021 BMW Pickup Truck. Well, this is fans’ wish and the company is still quiet on this vehicle. There are a few concept arts and renderings, but nothing is official yet.

The 2021 BMW Pickup Truck doesn’t have to worry about power. Engineers can install a wide choice of engines, but the most likely unit is a V6. The M performance model could also offer a V8. But, everything depends on the direction where BMW wants to put its truck. The market is not open for luxury pickups, although US buyers don’t save when buying these vehicles.

2021 BMW Pickup

2021 BMW Pickup Truck Possible Engines

Under the hood of the 2021 BMW Pickup Truck will probably lay a 3.0-liter I-6 with a twin-turbo system. For large SUVs, this unit is good for 335 horsepower. That is more than most mid-size pickups can offer. The starting choice for these is usually a four-cylinder mill. But, a V6 delivers the best performance. The turbocharged BMW engine sends power to rear wheels and provides excellent towing capacity. So, the German company will try to close the gap between luxury and utility.

Optionally, the 2021 BMW Truck could bring a V8. In this case, the output will jump over 450 horsepower. Also, the price will be increased significantly. Nevertheless, the pickup would gain extra muscle for towing. We doubt that carmaker will go after the M model and more than 500 ponies. Famous xDrive AWD system will be optional (unless you pick a V8).

2021 BMW Truck

Undisputed Luxury

BMW is one of the leaders in the luxury market. Their vehicles achieve excellent sales and the technology evolves every day. Comfort, reliability, and safety are the key areas of focus. Still, the luxury truck is going to cost hefty. There won’t be complaints about the features and style, but the MSRP will be a big obstacle. Nevertheless, the 2021 BMW Pickup Truck with the price under $50,000 had some chance in the market. Americans pay $45,000 for new trucks on average. So, buyers are not saving money on base trims and accessories.

There are a few things we love on the company’s big SUVs and the German carmaker will definitely bring these advantages to the truck class. First of all, there is an excellent handling and road drive impression. Still, we are talking about luxury, which is pretty practical. Yes, BMW will load the pickup with some advanced features that are not totally necessary. But, designers will find the use.

2021 BMW Pickup Truck

Of course, there will be plenty of advanced technology available through optional packages. BMW announced that the autonomous drive could debut soon. With the pickup truck not entering the production right after the premiere next season, we could see some self-driving features when it enters dealerships. Experts think this is not going to happen before 2022 or 2023. BMW has to speed up the development since its archrival, Mercedes, already launched the X-Class truck.

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