2021 Mercedes X-Class Changes

The 2021 Mercedes X-Class could introduce some serious changes. In the first place, we expect by the German giant to start its own platform. The company is currently basing its pickup model on Nissan Navara. Also, the new architecture will be a ticket to the major stage in the truck’s world – the US market.

The X-Class is an interesting project, but there are a lot of pros and cons making it questionable. The development would be very expensive, even for the German company. The 2021 Mercedes X-Class will belong to the premium segment, which is not so popular nowadays. But, some truckmakers are planning to step into the same field.

2021 Mercedes X-Class release date

2021 Mercedes X-Class Specs

When we talk about the 2021 Mercedes X-Class, we must turn to its closest sibling. It will definitely be the GLS SUV. Premium equipment requires a premium engine. 360 horsepower might be too much for the mid-size model, but Mercedes is ready to test the US market with an innovative approach.

A 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 motor is mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission. The company is installing the 4WD system and the fuel economy will depend on the size of a truck. Also, if the pickup keeps the same drivetrain as the SUV, its owners can count on the towing capacity of 7,500 pounds.


Mercedes is ahead of its German archrivals, again. BMW and Audi trucks are also topics of the rumors for a while. However, we are not seeing anything but the fans’ renders and ideas. The X-Class is here. Well, it is based on another truck, but Nissan Navara is one of the best-selling pickups worldwide. Also, it is a ticket for the new market for Mercedes.

2021 Mercedes X-Class changes

2021 Mercedes X-Class AMG

Speaking of possibilities, the carmaker could immediately bring its finest packages. The 2021 Mercedes X-Class AMG could make incredible things. Well, the new GLE and GLS SUVs are being electrified and that is the next step for the truck industry. Ford is announcing the F-150 hybrid for a while.

The configuration depends on the wishes of the chiefs in the MB. We could easily see the AMG truck version with more than 500 horsepower. Well, the heavy artillery is on the way for other pickups, with the new Ram Rebel TRX heading into production very soon.

2021 Mercedes X-Class concept


As a leader in many segments, Mercedes-Benz definitely needs a pickup truck. The appearance of the X-Class as an Australian ute is not what we are looking for. It is a restyled Navara. Everything must be on the higher level if the pickup is getting a three-point badge. Premium styling, powerful engines, advanced options, and systems…

It is not likely that 2021 Mercedes X-Class will hit the production. However, we are looking forward to the debut of an independent platform by MB. A prototype would be an important step for the German giant. Well, it will hardly spoil dominance of the US truckmakers, but Mercedes can definitely compete with Ford, FCA, and GM when we come to the luxury. As a matter of fact, we think that a premium truck by MB would offer more features than any other carmaker can do.

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