2022 Mercedes X-Class Revives as All-New Truck

The company made a break in production after only three years. Well, the previous X-Class was based on Nissan Navara and the German carmaker will produce the new pickup on its own platform. We don’t have details about the 2022 Mercedes X-Class yet, but some bold predictions are already based on existing SUVs and their configurations. Still, the question is if the company can attract enough buyers to choose luxury over utility.

Truckers are very demanding, not only in the US. The discontinuation of an old X-Class is showing that. This was the most expensive pickup in most markets and it didn’t work. Now, the German carmaker is ready to build a tougher truck with even more options. Still, we can’t say the old platform is the reason why Mercedes failed. Nissan Navara is one of the best trucks in the world. The key is in the price and the Tri-Point Star brand will have to make their more practical than luxurious. BMW and Audi are also working on their trucks, so this might speed up the development of the new 2022 Mercedes X-Class.

2022 Mercedes X-Class Revives as All-New Truck

Under the Hood

The EQ power is now the hottest stuff on Mercedes big rigs. It makes SUVs powerful, but also expensive. We believe that a six-cylinder unit is going to provide enough power for the 2022 Mercedes X-Class pickup. Any V8 comes with a huge amount of energy, which causes further price increases. Even a turbo-four would be a good solution. However, it depends on how well engineers can tune it for towing, which is the most important thing in this segment. When Mercedes figures out this, their pickup will become very competitive. On the other hand, would it be worth of investment and research?

The Most Luxurious Truck in the World

It was not available in the US, but we can say the X-Class was very luxurious. The company didn’t want to opt for this move, since premium market is dead in North America. There are a few high-end trim levels available for the most attractive models, but good haulers are selling better. That is what made the truck segment alive, although SUVs threatened to kill this class with their versatility. The all-new 2022 Mercedes X-Class will definitely be available in the largest truck market in the world. That is going to be the best test of its capability and worth.

2022 Mercedes X-Class

New Generation, Release Date

Mercedes had to do something about the X-Class. This brand does not accept the failure. Instead, they removed the truck from dealerships and now the all-new version is on the way. The 2022 Mercedes X-Class will be built on the same platform like the G-Wagon SUV. The new generation is about to restore the image and make the pickup appealing. Still, it is not easy to make a breakthrough on the largest market in the world. that is why the company is keeping the development details far away from public. The 2022 X-Class will be announced in the second half of 2021 and the sales could start early next year.

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