Is 2021 Fiat Fullback Next US Truck?

One thing is clear – FCA needs a true midsize truck. The company launched Gladiator, but with its high outputs, it is more competitive with larger pickups. The 2021 Fiat Fullback could fill the gap. Do not exclude the possibility to see it as the compact model, since Ford is also going to bring Courier. The small truck will be perfect for the city drive and small cargo delivery.

It is possible that truckmakers will go after these models soon. However, the obstacle is the SUV class. It nearly killed the trucks and even the midsize segment is slowly recovering. The 2021 Fiat Fullback could come back since the FCA ended its production last year. After only a couple of seasons, this nameplate is about to return, but not only to markets where it happened before, but also the new soil. However, is Fiat ready for this challenge?

Is 2021 Fiat Fullback Next US Truck

2021 Fiat Fullback / Dodge Dakota / Dodge Rampage

 One comeback will be made by the FCA next year. The Fullback was discontinued last year, but it is well-known in the entire world. On the other hand, there are two Dodge nameplates. There are no too many vehicles with this badge these days. We can say only Dodge Durango is safe from discontinuation and Charger muscle car. Now, the comeback of the truck could bring back the company to the map.

Well, there were two pickup trucks before. Dakota seems to be a more likely option since its size fits better the midsize spot. On the other hand, we won’t exclude Rampage but can find its spot in the off-road segment, or the performance truck that will carry the Hellcat engine with 707 hp.


If the 2021 Fiat Fullback happens in the US, then the complete overhaul is required. Forget about the old model. The new one won’t bring the new exterior and interior, but also drivetrains. A fo

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FCA also has a hybrid truck in mind. Well, their Ram 1500 is using a mild-hybrid technology, but it is not exactly what fans expect. The electric support is minor, and the larger usage of such power would harm capabilities. That is the main reason why we see no truck with a hybrid drivetrain. Other manufacturers are also considering the same idea, and it seems like Ford is the most serious with its F-150.

2021 Fiat Fullback US release date

2021 Fiat Fullback Release Date

The 2021 Fiat Fullback might come only two seasons after the end of production. Fiat needs a truck, not only in the US. People already got used to the Fullback in South America, Asia, and, of course, Europe. The release date is not set yet. Thanks to the COVID-19 outburst, everything is paused for some while and the Fullback will have more time to shape up before the return.

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