2021 Ford Lobo, Mexican vs American F-150

The most popular truck in the US is available in Mexico only in the base trim level. Well, the economy in this country is not as powerful as in the US, so there is not as many buyers. However, the higher trim levels are also available, but not as the F-150. Starting from XLT and on, the 2021 Ford Lobo is a pickup for this particular market.

The new truck is waiting for its popular sibling to get into the new generation, and then we will see updates on the 2021 Ford Lobo. The current situation with the COVID-19 will probably delay all the premieres. However, spy photos are showing a lot. The F-150 is almost production-ready, which means the new Lobo will be there pretty soon.

2021 Ford Lobo

Image credits: Motorauthority

New Generation

Lobo will follow the steps of its parent. The F-150 is heading toward one million sales per annum, and Ford is serious in this intention. Last two years, the truck missed this number by less than 100k sales. Well, the next-gen model will depend on the market recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. Ford is going to examine the chances and economy before the launch of the new series of its best-selling model.

After the premiere of the more famous model, Mexican buyers will also see the 2021 Ford Lobo. The new front fascia, interior, packages, equipment… that is what we will see from the new generation. Details are not available yet.

2021 Ford Lobo spied

2021 Ford Lobo Platinum, Top of the Lineup Model

As said, the 2021 Lobo is the nameplate for the F-150 XLT and higher trim levels. And the Platinum brings the best options you will be able to buy. The black chromed grille and two types of cabin are available. Buyers can pick Regular or Double Cab configuration. Interior will offer some of the most advanced features for this part of the world. We could compare the full-size truck with the new Super Duty class, which also debuted as a new generation in 2020. Its Platinum version is a way lighter than the one for the US market. Still, fans in Mexico won’t see these features on other trucks.

2021 Ford Lobo raptor

2021 Ford Lobo Raptor Is Still an Option

Platinum is a premium model. But, the 2021 Ford Lobo Raptor will be the best thing that can happen to this pickup. An off-road package is available only with the F-150, although we expect more debuts. Outside the US, Ranger is the most popular truck, and in Europe and Australia, it also offers the Raptor version. But, Lobo is not available in this trim.

The carmaker is considering the move, where the new Lobo is enhancing both specs and appearance. On the other hand, the off-road vehicle will be perfect for Mexican outskirts and it could be a way to a cheaper F-150. Similar parts might find the way to the US market, which is not something the president Trump would agree with. A V8 engine is an option, although experts think the Blue Oval manufacturer is not going to put so much power under the hood.  

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