Is it Time for 2021 Lincoln Mark LT Comeback?

Mark LT used to be the premium truck. Ever since its discontinuation, we didn’t see a possibility for its return. Luxury pickups are the past. Trucks are existing because of their functionality and towing capabilities. Some lineups offer premium versions, and Ford F-150 Platinum could be turned into 2021 Lincoln Mark LT. That is our wish, but the Blue Oval company and its premium branch are responsible for the outcome.

It is not easy to respond to the question from the title. There are a lot of pros and cons. Well, the 2021 Lincoln Mark LT will have the best possible base for the build. The premium model can share architecture with the best-selling truck ever. But, let’s see what we can expect from Mark LT.

2021 Lincoln Mark LT

Luxury Trucks – Pros and Cons

Companies will have to research the market to see if buyers are willing to buy premium trucks. Well, from this stance, we would say no. Chevy Silverado High Country and Ford F-150 Platinum are not the best-sellers. However, a luxury truck could change things around.

The biggest downside is definitely the price. With the cost of over $65,000, there are a lot of versatile SUVs to choose from. Trucks are working mules. So whoever needs more luxury, a better choice is to opt for a different kind of vehicle. But, the average price paid for a truck in 2018 was about $45,000. That means buyers are willing to spend money and opt for higher trim levels. The 2021 Lincoln Mark LT will offer something new and the comeback will definitely cause a lot of attention.

Lincoln Mark LT in 2006
Lincoln Mark LT in 2006

2021 Lincoln Mark LT Concept

The 2021 Lincoln Mark LT will borrow things from its closest sibling. The base is from the F-150 truck. There is no need to talk about this model for too much. Ford will probably sell over 1 million units this year. On the other hand, premium features and design of the Navigator SUV could be carried over to the truck. The perfect balance will create a monster that will be better than most trucks and SUVs.

Ford F-150 Platinum
Ford F-150 Platinum


The lack of rivals is one of the reasons why Lincoln could come back to the truck market. But, be sure, as soon as it returns, we will see another comeback. Cadillac Escalade EXT rumors are also swirling, but the GM has the same dilemmas about its luxury pickup. A move by one carmaker will cause a response from the other rival. Also, we can hear that Audi, BMW, and Lexus are preparing their trucks, and these will definitely belong to the premium class. However, the size will probably slot them into the mid-size segment.

2021 Lincoln Mark LT Price

The price of the 2021 Lincoln Mark LT depends on the level of equipment the company installs in the truck. Currently, the F-150 Platinum starts at $55,000, while the heavily loaded Limited edition adds $10k. On the other hand, the cheapest Lincoln Navigator costs $75,000. Mark LT could be somewhere between these two. With the Black Label trim level, the price could reach $90,000.

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