2021 Tesla Pickup Truck (Model T or Model P)

Don’t let the Cybertruck premier let fool you. That is not the pickup truck we expect to see from the leading manufacturer in the electric segment. Tesla is working on a classic hauler and we refuse to believe that toy such the Cybertruck is the real competitor to the upcoming electric Ford F-150. The new 2021 Tesla Pickup Truck will continue the well-known nomenclature. It is just a question if it comes as Model P (pickup) or Model T (truck).

So far, the company used predictable names for other vehicles. Model S is sedan, Model X is crossover SUV, and the Model 3 is for everyone. The arrival of the Cybertruck is good for the market, since it could speed up the development of existing electric pickup concepts. You can read which companies and startups are in the game in our story about upcoming trucks.

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Tesla Cybertruck

2021 Tesla Pickup Truck Specs

One thing about the Cybertruck is cool – it brings a breathtaking performance. The base model will be able to run at least 250 miles, while reaching 60 mph in just 6.5 seconds. Well, Model X crossover SUV beats the clock much faster. The rear-wheel drive is very probable for the 2021 Tesla pickup truck as it is available for the Cybertruck. The bed is 6’5’’ and the towing capacity won’t be less than 7,500 pounds.

The 2021 Tesla Model T or Model P will belong to the mid-size segment. This class is reviving and we saw a couple of debuts in previous two seasons. The trend is about to continue, and the range is already expanding to the diesel tier, with all-new Jeep Gladiator out with such drivetrain. Tesla will create the next chapter with an all-electric model.

2021 Tesla Pickup Truck Model P
Model P concept

2021 Tesla Pickup Truck vs Cybertruck (New Look)

So, if the 2021 Tesla pickup truck, either Model P or Model T, is about to borrow a drivetrain from the existing truck, why would the company launch the new model? The redesign is the key. In short – Cybertruck is ugly! Fans want to see a classic pickup. Also, we doubt the true truckers would go after such toy the existing model is. Tesla made an impact with the latest debut, but the vehicle is not going to sell well, we can guarantee. But, on the other side, if the company makes it look like the normal truck, fans would not have anything against the electric drivetrain.

Model T render


If you read our story of upcoming trucks, you can see a lot of new models, possible rivals to Tesla Model P and Model T. The manufacturer could bring both nameplates, one for mid-size and one for full-size segment. The most likely rivals will come from the Ford Company. The F-150 is a dominant on the market and it is just a matter of time when will the company add a hybrid and EV version.

Another promising concept is Rivian R1T. Huge investments are reported, with rumors mentioning that even Ford put some stakes into the new project. Hummer Electric Truck is not anywhere near the production, while all other startup platforms are still looking for investors to start a serious campaign that will end with production.

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