2021 Volvo Truck Rumors, Concept

Can luxury trucks enter the market any time soon? If that happens, be sure that 2021 Volvo Truck is the first in the line to debut. The Swedish carmaker is very popular in the premium crossover and SUV segment. Without a doubt, Volvo can bring the build quality, luxury impression, reliability, and durability to the pickup segment. But, the question is – can they meet the requirements of the specific market? Truckers are looking for a working machine with excellent towing capabilities. Luxury without this is nothing.

This is the reason why we are not seeing premium trucks as separate models. There are high-end editions of popular nameplates. But, the carmakers known for luxury vehicles are still out of the game. There are indications that BMW and Audi are developing their pickup trucks. Even the Mercedes-Benz X-Class is not at the level we expect from this company. The 2021 Volvo Truck could make the first step and test the market with the teaser.

2021 Volvo Truck


The 2021 Volvo Truck concept could debut already next year. The carmaker would test the market and listen to expectations. Still, there are a lot of pros and cons, so the decision is not easy. The Volvo pickup could share the same platform with the largest SU0V in the family, XC90. Still, it is known that sporty trucks are not popular anymore. The example is the Honda Ridgeline, which is the slowest-selling model in the mid-size class. Another option is to create a new platform. That is too expensive for the Swedish company. Also, the development cost would be included in the final price of the product. Well, the luxury truck is not going to be cheap. Buyers are willing to pay extra for their rides, but only if the package delivers improved working capacities. Spending more on the premium features is a waste of money. Most buyers rather decide to purchase the SUV.

2021 Volvo Truck Electric

One of the interesting rumors is mentioning an electric truck. Well, Volvo is a leader here. Their green policies are coming from the country that encourages purchases of hybrid and EV vehicles. That is why many models are already available with some kind of hybrid or PHEV configurations. But, Volvo is ready to take another step. The XC40 recharge is an all-electric crossover. Soon, its larger siblings, XC60 and XC90 will follow its steps and introduce the EV models. So, the idea of electric truck is not coming out of anywhere. Plus, Tesla is already in the market with Cybertruck, and it is a matter of time when will Ford go the same way.

2021 Volvo Truck Release Date and Price

The new 2021 Volvo Truck could debut as the concept. We don’t have any info from reliable sources that will confirm the development of the production vehicle for the next season. However, chiefs are thinking about this move for the future and sooner or later the Volvo pickup will enter the market. the price won’t start under $40,000, having in mind that non-premium trucks are just around this mark with high-end packages.

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