2022 Audi Truck Might Come as Q9

Another dose of rumors is coming up – the 2022 Audi Truck is still a hot speculation. Well, fans are not giving up on idea. In reality – it seems like a myth. But, let’s check the most common theories and try to find out if the 4-ring truck is going to happen.

Audi is an automotive giant, which delivers luxury cars and SUVs. You can find their plants all around the globe. Definitely, if the 2022 Audi Truck gets a green light, the manufacturer is going to be capable to make it. Big team of experts is working for the German powerhouse.

On the other hand, there are more downsides. First, market doesn’t need luxury trucks. If there were doubts, then those are gone after the fiasco of the Mercedes X-Class. But, what a victory it would be for Audi, if their pickup succeeds. The investment is big, and the outcome is a gamble. That is the main reason why we are not seeing Audi truck already. It is late for the 2022 YM, so it might come only as the concept. Not a bad idea – this can serve as the final market testing.

2022 Audi Truck

Concept, Test Mules, Renderings

Of course, fans don’t need too much to create their visions of the vehicle they would love to see. Those images are using existing SUVs and their front fascias. The most common photos are showing grille and headlights based on the Q7. Now, with a Q8 available, we can find more interesting ideas. In the back, the cabin is replaced with bed and that will be one of the major challenges for designers.

Sources are informing the 2022 Audi Truck is being developed under the code name 3X. But, we cannot confirm that since there are no prototypes cruising streets. However, when this happens, we will be close to the production. In 2022, the first signs from the company could happen, since for now, everything is rumored.

2022 Audi Truck release date


Of course, when something happens with one big German carmaker, others are following. So, we can compare the 2022 Audi Truck with the moves in BMW and Mercedes. The first one is at the same stage, with only rumors being available. However, BMW has X7 full-size SUV that will be the base for further upgrades. On the other hand, Mercedes is a step ahead. This manufacturer had a run with the X-Class. But, it didn’t last long. Mercedes borrowed the platform from Nissan Navara. The truck was not as good as other vehicles and the tri-point truck is now history. But, this move might make others to test the market, or give up.

2022 Audi pickup truck

When Will 2022 Audi Truck Be Available?

The truck is not close to production yet. We believe the company is not going to take this move yet. The feedback is not so great and the major market in the world, United States, is not so interested in luxury trucks. Even Ford and GM are not in this world yet. We don’t think Audi is going to deliver such a model before Lincoln Mark LT and Cadillac Escalade EXT return.

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