New 2019 Mercedes X-Class Based on Nissan’s Small Truck

Mercedes is still working on its own truck. Well, it seems they will delay the production of the X-Class. The last tests show us a pickup based on Nissan Navara. Fans are not happy with it. It is just not Mercedes. It seems to be too cheap. We want 2019 Mercedes X-Class truck with all advantages and premium parts the German carmaker is well-known for.

The creation where Nissan Navara is used as the platform, with Mercedes-Benz touch inside is just not good enough. With this model, the company can’t think to appear on the US market. Even in Europe, the competition would leave 2019 Mercedes X-Class in the dust. On the other hand, the truck shows the intention of the carmaker to step into a new world. A premium pickup segment needs Mercedes.

2019 Mercedes X-Class

2019 Mercedes X-Class Styling and Interior

Well, outside, the shown truck is in Navara’s body. We expect a lot more from Mercedes’ designers. It’s just – we didn’t use to see Merc’s vehicles so unappealing. Definitely, the 2019 Mercedes X-Class developed in German laboratories will have a more distinctive look.

Inside, the situation is better. The 2019 Mercedes X-Class interior shows nice features. However, fans spotted few eye-catching cheap plastic parts. These won’t be there when the truck hits the market. Premium styling will bring many luxurious accessories and options. Plastic is not a top material to use for Mercedes-Benz cabin.

2019 Mercedes X-Class ute interior

Mercedes X-Class AMG

The 2019 Mercedes X-Class can expect to get the AMG model as the top trim level. As for all other versions where we can purchase this model, it brings a much stronger engine and bolder design. Of course, the price of AMG is much higher than for standard offer.

2019 Mercedes X-Class Specs

The Ute we saw in Nissan Navara’s body carried a 2.3-liter diesel engine. Let’s get this straight – the drivetrain is too weak. It doesn’t produce enough power and torque for a truck. It is not what we expect from Mercedes-Benz. Surely, this one is not going to be a solution for the production model.

Instead, the company could turn to a V-6. A larger unit would be more expensive, but it would add power. Also, in the USA, Mercedes-Benz X-Class will not debut with diesel unit. Petrol variant with high output will slot this premium truck in the compact segment with Ford Ranger and Chevy Colorado. Well, the pickup is going to appear worldwide. We are sure it will make its way in Australia where buyers are crazy for ute vehicles.

2019 Mercedes X-Class rear

2019 Mercedes X-Class Price

Being a premium model will make 2019 Mercedes X-Class more expensive than other compact pickups. The competitors cost $20,000-25,000 and the X-Class will go above. With luxury pedigree and all extra features, including V-6, we could see the price sticker hanging from it more suitable for a full-size truck. But well, Mercedes-Benz is not going to fake with some cheap model as the base one and then offering all extras as optional features. Be sure that the base version of the Mercedes truck offers all you need for your ride.

Stay tuned to and follow all the latest information and rumors about the 2019 Mercedes X-Class. Soon, more details will be available about the truck. Check out later to become first to know everything about the first Mercedes-Benz ute in Australia and release date in the USA.

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