2022 Infiniti Truck Rumors are Spread… Again!

The premium brand might deliver the pickup truck at the end. Well, the 2022 Infiniti truck might not be seen yet, officially, but something is definitely happening. Nissan’s premium brand is upgrading its big SUVs and it could end up seeing a pickup. Not impossible. The Japanese company has the capacity to carry on the project and the arrival of the Infiniti truck is not going to be a surprise.

After a couple of years, this topic is hot again. There are pros and cons, but truckers and fans would definitely like to see this vehicle. It would be the first luxury pickup in the market. Even bigger players, US companies, are not going this way, with Lincoln Mark LT and Cadillac Escalade EXT comebacks still being on hold. The 2022 Infiniti Truck would start the new chapter, and we are sure that Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, and others would follow.

2022 Infiniti Truck Rumors

Monograph Concept

After a year of break, Nissan is going strong into 2022 season. The first debuts are already in production. Its best-selling crossover, Rogue, is all-new for this season. Now, it is time for others to shine. In the Infiniti family, we also see a few redesigns. The first arrival is the QX60 mid-size SUV, which adopted the Monograph Concept. This platform was premiered as the next architecture for big rigs, the QX80 for example. But, its smaller sibling debuted first. Well, the full-size luxury truck is also on its way. Compared to the QX60, the QX80 is already using the BoF chassis and that is exactly what we expect from the 2022 Infiniti Truck. The Monograph Concept will show its full potential on the upcoming full-size QX80 SUV.

2022 Infiniti Truck

Rumors, Verdict

The pickup has the potential. First, Nissan is already in the truck market with the Titan full-size model, and mid-size Frontier. Its Navara is one of the best-selling trucks worldwide. The company has engines that can deliver plenty of power, especially a huge V8 unit. A 5.6-liter displacement is good for 400 hp and 410 lb-ft. We assume the luxury pickup is getting more than 10,000 pounds of towing capacity. A turbodiesel is less likely, since this one is not available anymore for the Titan XD model.

Furthermore, there is another concept that can join forces with the 2022 Infiniti Truck. Warrior platform is old now, but it still can meet modern needs. It was presented on the Titan truck, as the off-road upgrade. With the armor and 4×4 drive, this one would be perfect pickup for adventurers. As the premium vehicle, the 2022 Infiniti truck would be packed with the latest infotainment features and safety systems. The exterior is going to be very similar to the QX80.

Still, all of these are just rumors. We already wrote about this truck four years ago. New images are available, but these are only concept arts by fans and enthusiasts. On the other hand, the truck market is live again and a couple of new arrivals promise more fresh vehicles. Truckmakers will start producing premium models sooner or later. The 2022 Infiniti Truck might be the pioneer.

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