2022 Isuzu D-Max is Being Updated, Shares Platform With Mazda BT50

Isuzu is not a player in the US market. But, this company is famous around the world for its capable truck. The D-Max is under reconstruction and we will see the new pickup out very soon. However, some sources say the COVID-19 outburst paused the development for a while and the new vehicle is coming as the 2022 Isuzu D-Max.

We already learned that Isuzu made a partnership with Mazda. Another Japanese company was in tight connections with Ford. After 30 years, Mazda decided to break the deal and search for new opportunities. Joined forces will help both Japanese carmakers make better results in the market. Mazda is well-known for its styling, while Isuzu is going to provide a platform for the new trucks. Also, a new engine is on the way. Turbodiesel power is being exploited again.

2022 Isuzu D-Max v-cross

2022 Isuzu D-Max Specifications

The new engine for the 2022 Isuzu D-Max will be a 3.0-liter oil-burner that features a turbocharger. Engineers are tuning this not so small unit to 140 kW and 450 Nm. We saw it previously, but the engine was less potent (130 kW and 430 Nm). For the 2022 YM, it gains extra power to be more competitive to other utes in the Australian market. We expect from Mazda to take the same engine for the BT50.

Besides the new configuration, two companies are also working on the hybrid setup. In Pacific Asia, diesel units are more popular, so the system could be based on the Skyactiv-D powerplants. Still, Mazda is planning to deliver more green units and the carmaker is already registering trademarks suggesting changes in the lineup, especially crossover/SUV realm.

2022 Isuzu D-Max interior

What is Space Cab, X-Terrain?

Like every pickup / ute, the 2022 Isuzu D-Max is available with two- and four-door cabins. The single row is called Space Cab. In some markets, you will find it as Extra Cab. If you are after a five-seater, then look for the Cab4. There are also other novelties on the way for the pickup truck. For example, the new X-Terrain comes with more options, but it also costs higher compared to the previous edition. In some markets, you can find the 2022 D-Max V-Cross version with seven unique colors and special upgrades. For a better off-road experience, there are more standard and optional upgrades. So, the ute is going to offer electronic stability control, traction control, blind-spot monitor system, hill start assist and descent control, as well as parking sensors and traffic alerts.

2022 Isuzu D-Max space cab

2022 Isuzu D-Max Verdict

The 2022 Isuzu D-Max is going to be a competitor in all markets the company covers. Definitely, the Japanese carmaker will deal territories with Mazda, not to rival with BT50. However, some big markets, such as Australia, will offer both pickups.

With a new configuration, the D-Max is more powerful than Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi L200/Triton. The discontinuation of Holden Colorado is good news for Japanese companies. But, Ford Ranger is still the ute to beat, especially its mighty Raptor edition. Isuzu has no intention of appearing in the US. But, Mazda could take the advantage of breaking the relationship with Ford.

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