2022 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak if Finally Coming Out?

The pickup truck for the US market is the next step for the German carmaker. VW really had no luck. First, a big scandal hit its business really hard. Now, when the prototype of the pickup was already tested and ready to enter production, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the start of the next chapter. What’s more, the 2022 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak is now questionable, with a few other interesting concepts available by the same carmaker. Tarok has shown up as the potential replacement and the model for the biggest truck market in the world.

Atlas Tanoak is an all-new vehicle that is yet to be produced. It combines interesting elements and experts had a chance to test it. Since the feedback was positive, we assumed VW will start building it soon. Nevertheless, that is not a day-by-day process, and while the German carmaker was exploring different possibilities, we almost forgot about the 2022 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak. One thing is sure – the new pickup is not going to be just a renamed Amarok, available in Australia and Europe. The truckmaker needs something special, something the premiere of the prototype promised. Now, everything is under a big question mark.

2022 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak price
Photos are from the 2018 premiere of the pickup truck

Electric SUV or Pickup Truck

Volkswagen doesn’t have too many resources in the US. The only plant is located in Tennessee, and that is where the Atlas SUV is built. Even the Tiguan is being imported. The 2022 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak would jump into a serious market with tough competition. The mid-size pickup class is currently one of the hottest segments in the US. So, it will be a big gamble trying to make it there. But, like Frank Sinatra says – “If I can make it there, I’ll make it everywhere”. This is definitely the challenge that will skyrocket the popularity of the VW and restore the image after the big scandal with emissions.

On the other hand, the company is focused on electrification. You probably noticed the ID concepts of cars and crossovers. A logical choice since this is the bandwagon of the automotive industry. All big companies are developing EVs and hybrids. So, VW might have been dropped the Atlas Tanoak truck from the pecking order to make more serious investments into electric vehicles.

2022 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak prototype

Test Mules, Impressions, Conclusion

The first prototype of the 2022 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak was out in 2018. But, reports from 2020 say the company lost interest and that a smaller pickup might be a better option. Well, this is questionable, since Honda Ridgeline is the slowest-selling mid-size pickup since it uses a unibody platform. Ford Maverick might be the pioneer in the compact class, but even the US giant is reconsidering this move.

The first thing that drew the attention of truckers was the price of the upcoming Atlas Tanoak. Chiefs announced the base MSRP under $28,000. That is great for a pickup that uses a V6. We hope VW is not going to trick us by planting a four-pot unit in the entry-level edition. Let’s wait for a few months to hear the company’s plans for the pickup truck.

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