2023 Ford Super Chief Super Truck

It’s been more than 15 years since the premiere of the futuristic truck concept. The 2023 Ford Super Chief is still a myth. First, we don’t know if it is coming. Second, the tri-motor concept is still a far-fetched idea. On the other hand, the truck could happen in a different way. For example, the Super Chief might be an all-electric HD model. The idea sounds crazy now, but in a few years, this is going to be a reality. We can already witness turning half-ton trucks into EVs. The next step is the electrification of the heavy-duty segment. And finally, the concept would keep its main idea – a clean energy.

Speculations about its release exist ever since 2006 when the Super Chief had its first appearance. But, in past few years, those rumors are louder, which made experts and fans look into options for this nameplate and concept. There are a lot of variations on what it is going to happen with the 2023 Ford Super Chief. The most realistic one – it is not going to happen. The next possibility is to see an updated concept somewhere next year, with new ideas and solutions for clean energy. Or, the company can figure out how to make the tri-motor system affordable to buyers. Finally, we might see the Super Chief as one of the variations of existing trucks.

2023 Ford Super Chief

What Was the Super Chief?

There are plenty of interesting features on the first concept. Both styling and performance were drawing a lot of attention. In 2006, everything was revolutionary. Some things are too advanced even today. The tri-fuel configuration never made it to the production. We saw a few similar concepts in the past, and the most notable one is coming from the Niyato Industries. But, instead of gas, LPG and CNG, Ford thought using petrol, ethanol and hydrogen.

The 2023 Ford Super Chief would be very big if it follows the old platform. The styling is inspired by the Super Duty segment. Initially, that was the F-250, but some experts say that F-350 can serve as the base for further development. The interior keeps some features that are too advanced for models we see at dealerships today. The minimalistic approach is one of the highlights, as well as the big screens and colors of the interior.

2023 Ford Super Chief

2023 Ford Super Chief Specs

The tri-fuel system was about to combine clean and efficient elements. Not only that, but the big truck would be able to haul a lot of cargo. Actually, it is very hard to find the downside of the upcoming 2023 Ford Super Chief if it keeps all the advantages of the original platform. You can easily say it is the best truck in the market. Well, the price might be a problem. But, Ford will have to modify some things, such as the huge outputs of the original plan. Also, the tri-fuel configuration is not so likely to happen. The Super Chief hangs on a thin thread and we will know more about it in the second half of 2022.

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