2023 Ford Super Snake Will Have 800 hp

With the arrival of the Raptor R, the chances of the 2023 Ford Super Snake happening are slim. The performance slot is now taken and we can’t imagine the Super Snake on some other kind of vehicle. But, that is when we speak about the official releases. Shelby produced a limited number of trucks in 2021 with a unique package of upgrades. Fans that didn’t buy one then hope to get a truck when the company does the job again.

The Super Snake is the aftermarket upgrade. There were two versions available – with 395 hp and 775 hp. The 2023 Ford Super Snake would go only with the high-end output. Also, the price was pretty high last time. After new tuning, we will see this model in a six-digit price realm.

2023 Ford Super Snake

Engine and Specs

To get the best from the 2023 Ford Super Snake, the engineers will place a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 under the hood. This is the most potent plant the company can offer. In 2021, the system was able to develop 770 horsepower. Now, engineers are trying to squeeze up to 800 ponies. Of course, there are a lot of other upgrades required to handle all this power. Unique performance air intake with carbon tube, heat exchanger, and special suspension are just some of them.

Another option is to build a vehicle with the high-output V6 engine. A 3.5-liter unit can produce up to 450 hp. Last time, Shelby didn’t use all the potential from the six-cylinder unit. Also, it is very questionable if the 2023 edition is going to offer both engine setups.

2023 Ford Super Snake specs

What Will the 2023 Ford Super Snake Look?

The most important upgrades for the 2023 Ford Super Snake are under the bonnet. But, the truck is going to draw attention with its appearance. It is a two-door street-performance vehicle. Large 22-inch wheels and special tires are the upgrades that boost both visual appearance and performance. For the 2023 Super Snake, Shelby and Ford will prepare air-hood, unique bumpers and grilles, tonneau cover and bedliner, as well as many graphics around the truck. Factory colors are standard and black stripes are boosting an overall sporty impression.

The truck also gets a treatment inside the cockpit. The interior is luxurious, with plenty of high-end options available for further upgrades. Leather seats and dash make the Super Snake very elegant. Of course, badging and inserts are also important on such vehicles to remind passengers what kind of a truck you drive.

2023 Ford Super Snake release date

2023 Ford Super Snake Release Date and Price

There is still no word when will the 2023 Super Snake be available. Shelby and Ford are taking time for the development. The Blue Oval company also works on the Raptor R, so fans should give them more time. So, the truck could be out in a year or so. The last edition cost $87,000 but with a V6 engine. Opting for the V8 and extra power increased the price to $95,000 and that version now is not going to be under $100k. The upcoming 2023 YM is also coming as the limited edition, probably with 250-300 units going to be available for pre-order.

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