2023 Ford Trucks Quick Walkthrough

Ford has the most complete lineup of trucks in the market. The company is not a leader here by chance. The latest move will make other truckmakers think about the future decisions. The 2023 Ford trucks are now more reliable than ever, and that is why the Blue Oval logo sells more than 1 million pickups annually.

A few years ago, the segment was under the question mark. Now, the market recovered and Ford is filling up the spots in the lineup. The most recent launches were a compact pickup called Maverick, and electric version of the F-150 called Lighting. A couple of years earlier, Ranger came back to the US.

2023 Ford F-150

The Model Truckers Love the Most

The 2023 Ford trucks lineup is very popular. But, more than a half of sales belong to the F-150 half-ton model. The truck offers everything. There are four-, six, and eight-cylinder engines. You can find a cheap configuration, luxury models, packages ready for off-road drive… So, everything you imagine, the F-150 is going to offer.

2023 Ford F-150 First Preview: Expectations

2023 Ford Trucks Super Duty Lineup

There are three models that are considered as the best vehicles for towing. Definitely, the F-350 is leading the way with a towing capacity of 35,000 pounds. You will need a diesel engine at the first place, and a proper configuration. The F-250 is not as capable as the series 3 model, but it also comes with some unique upgrades. Like the F-150 lineup, the Super Duty trucks can be tuned with luxurious options, making them cost very expensive.

2023 Ford Super Duty Class Preview

2023 Ford Maverick vs ranger vs f150

Trucks for Off-Roading

The company was a leader in this segment as well. Raptor is still a star of the 2023 Ford trucks squad. But, now it is a new version with more than 700 horsepower. The Raptor R had to be a response to the arrival of the Ram TRX. This is not the only off-road model in the lineup. Tremor is the special package for the F-250. Soon, Raptor could be part of the Ranger lineup.

Small 2023 Ford Trucks

After some while, Ford brought back the Ranger to the US. Immediately, the mid-size model drew an attention. Still, the surprise was a turbo-four engine. Now, experts predict that V6 is going to upgrade the lineup. Besides the Ranger, there is a compact Maverick in the Ford trucks lineup. This is a small model built on a unibody platform. Many truckers don’t take it so seriously, since the Maverick is going to be a city pickup for quick deliveries.

2023 Ford Ranger Raptor Spied

2023 Ford F-150 lightning

Electric 2023 Ford Trucks

The Ford F-150 Lighting is the first all-electric pickup truck by the Blue oval company. Soon, more models will be available. We assume that Ranger hybrid could be the next one. The Lighting version of the most popular 2023 Ford trucks is able to run 320 miles between recharges. The towing capacity is more than respectable, offering 10,000 pounds. The price is not as high as most experts thought it would be. Ford keeps the base version under $40,000.

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