Tremor is OK, But We Want 2023 Ford F-250 Raptor

There is always room for speculations when it comes to Ford trucks. Well, the leading US carmaker is active in every segment of the automotive industry. The current focus is on electrification. However, that doesn’t mean the company will give up on other projects. One of them is the 2023 Ford F-250 Raptor

Well, the Raptor is the ultimate upgrade, but only F-150 is offering this 4×4 package. Meanwhile, there are rumors about Ranger Raptor, Bronco Raptor, and the 2023 Ford F-250 Raptor. All those vehicles are suitable for such enhancement of the off-road drive. But, the company could keep it exclusive for the half-ton truck segment.

On the other hand, there is another Raptor available for the Ranger pickup, but not for the US market. Also, the Raptor R is something that will change the truck segment forever. The high-performance configuration is about to deliver more than 700 hp and make the F-150 competitive against Ram TRX.

2023 Ford F-250 Raptor

2023 Ford F-250 Raptor Upgrades

The F-250 Super Duty truck is available with a diesel engine. A V8 turbodiesel can produce a lot of power and torque, making the job easier. One of the unique upgrades for the Series 2 model is the Tremor package. This is an off-road oriented bundle that was added as a replacement for the Raptor edition. But, you can’t trick fans.

The 2023 Ford F-250 Raptor will be the next step in the evolution of the off-road drive. We don’t think that company is adding a new engine. A diesel unit is a perfect match for the package. Also, a petrol version might be kept as an option. Underbody protection, bedliner, 4×4 drive, special suspension and all-terrain tires are the most important additions to the Raptor package. Of course, the company is not just carrying over features from the F-150. More modifications and tuning will be necessary.

2023 Ford F-250 Raptor release date
Raptor kit

2023 Ford F-250 Raptor Specs

Under the bonnet of the 2023 F-250 Raptor will be a 6.7-liter Powerstroke turbodiesel engine. Engineers are not maximizing stats for the Series 2 truck. So, the powerplant is producing 450 hp and 1,000 lb-ft of torque. On the F-350, outputs reach higher levels. Still, this is going to be enough for the F-250 Raptor to take you anywhere. Even the towing capacity will be superb, although truck’s primary function is going to be providing fun. On not so tough terrains, F-250 should be a serious hauler.

It is also possible to see the F-250 Raptor with a petrol unit. A 7.3-liter V8 Godzilla is not a bad option. It can deliver 430 horsepower and 475 lb-ft, while the towing capacity for the base truck is 15,000 pounds (20,000 lbs properly equipped).

Release Date and Price

The 2023 Ford F-250 Raptor is the next stage of upgrade of the off-road lineup. The Super Duty truck should be out somewhere in 2023. The price is going to top the range. The Tremor edition costs $55,000. Raptor will make it at least $65,000, if not whole $70k. The competition in this class doesn’t exist, but Chevrolet is working on the ZR2 version of Silverado 2500, and TRX package could become a part of Ram 2500 lineup.

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