2023 Ford Courier Small Delivery Truck Review

Courier is one of the most interesting nameplates in Ford’s family. Initially, this was a sedan. Then, the company produced it as the pickup, but in cooperation with Mazda. Finally, the truck was out in some markets as the model based on Fiesta hatchback. Now, after ten years, the 2023 Ford Courier is ready for the comeback. With such a turbulent history that is more than 50 years long, we can’t be surprised whatever happens with the vehicle.

That means the form of the Courier is not defined yet. But, as a website specialized for trucks, we are going to analyze rumors mentioning the 2023 Ford Courier as the new pickup. It was one of the options when the company announced that they are building a compact pickup. However, Maverick is the nameplate of that model. Courier could be a vehicle for Europe and South America. It has sense, since Ram 700 and Chevrolet S-10 are already out in those markets.

new 2023 ford courier

2023 Ford Courier Specs

We assume that the 2023 Courier will share the platform with the Maverick truck. However, non-US markets are using smaller engines than a 2.5-liter mill, which is also supported by electric battery. A 2.0-liter inline-four might be an option, but not a turbocharged version with 250 horsepower. Instead, a 1.0-liter EcoBoost configuration seems more reasonable for the Europe and other non-US markets. This plant produces 100-120 horsepower for different vehicles and the impressions are positive. You can’t expect impressive performances from an inline-3 engine. However, the gas mileage will make it one of the best options for quick deliveries in urban areas. Let’s not mention agility and trouble-free parking.

Ford Maverick – FULL REVIEW


The truck market is recovering. Some while ago, many experts thought that SUVs will replace pickups. But, the vehicles specialized for hauling survived thanks to this feature. Now, the market is expanding. In the US, we see more mid-size models. Even Ford decided to bring back Ranger. After that, the Blue Oval company launched the compact Maverick pickup.

Meanwhile, main rivals, FCA and GM, released their small trucks as well. But, Ram 700 and Chevrolet S10 are models for the South American market. Ford has a vacant slot in this segment for this area. So, many experts assume that the 2023 Ford Courier is going to be a pickup that competes Ram 700 and Chevrolet S10. On the other hand, they also expect FCA and GM to react to the production of the Maverick and launch compact trucks in the US.

2023 ford courier

2023 Ford Courier Release Date and Price

There is no too much time left for the development of the 2023 Ford Courier, if the company wants it as the model for the next season. However, the official confirmation of the development is missing. Our sources from the US can’t check those rumors and speculations, since we are speaking about other departments of the company. The Maverick will definitely be a more affordable option than Ranger. Just as the example, the Maverick is the only pickup in the United States available under $20,000.

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