2022 Ram 700 US Release Date

The number in the nameplate is not indicating the amount of power. The 2022 Ram 700 is a compact truck launched in South America. The pickup is also available in Mexico. We can say it is a replacement for the Fiat Fullback. The experiment was not successful and the FCA now decides to go with a proven nameplate in the truck market.

However, the main question is if the 2022 Ram 700 is going to be launched in the United States. The compact market is dead and such small pickups are not popular in this part of the world. But, the situation is changing. Reportedly, Ford is going to test the market with the new Maverick model. Nevertheless, it is not so simple and the Blue Oval company is testing the small truck for more than two years.

2022 Ram 700 price

2022 Ram 700 From South America to the US

For now, the pickup is available for Latin America, including Mexico. The truck is positioned under popular models in this part of the world, such as Nissan Navara, Toyota HiLux, or Isuzu D-Max. In the United States, experts see such a truck as the small commercial unit for deliveries in crowded urban areas. Decreased size will make the 2022 Ram 700 more agile than Ram 1500 and larger pickups. On the other hand, easier access to bed makes Ram 700 more convenient than most SUVs. The company must look to provide enough towing capacity and enhance the practicality of the pickup.

Under the Bonnet

The 2022 Ram 700 is getting power from a 1.4-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine. Outputs of just 85 hp and 87 lb-ft of torque might sound funny to US buyers. Worldwide, we can see a few more similar configurations. If the Ram 700 happens in the US, it will need a lot more power. Even a 1.3-liter turbocharged unit is not good enough for the largest truck market in the world. It enhances outputs to 98 hp and 95 lb-ft of twist. Both units are paired with a manual gearbox by default, while the all-wheel drive is available for some configurations.

2022 Ram 700

2022 Ram 700 vs Chevrolet S-10

Like said, Ford is testing a new, compact Maverick truck. Another US truckmaker is active in this segment and Chevy launched the S-10. Like the 2022 Ram 700, it is not confirmed for the US market yet and you will find the old nameplate in South America. It is the main rival for FCA’s pickup.

The TFL Truck reports the US market is interested in such models. But, the 2022 Ram 700 might turn up as the Ram 1000. Other potential arrivals are Fiat Toro and Hyundai Santa Cruz. We might include the Honda Ridgeline on this list as well since one thing is going to be in common for these units – unibody architecture. Ridgeline is at the rock bottom of sales charts, since truckers are looking for tougher and more capable vehicles. All its rivals are built on the ladder frame, which provides a better towing capacity and extended durability. Ram 700 and others are going to test the whole new market.

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