2022 BMW Truck – Another Pickup We Will (Not) See

It’s been a few years since the first speculations about the BMW pickup started swirling. Even nowadays, you can hear rumors about the upcoming vehicle, although there stories don’t have an official source. But, let fans hope. The 2022 BMW Truck is still possible and we won’t write off a surprise from the German manufacturer.

Still, the 2022 BMW Truck is unlikely to happen. First of all, the investment is huge. The Bavarian giant could take the stakes, having in mind that big winning is possible. But, the COVID-19 pandemic limited sources and made everything very complicating. So, even if chiefs were thinking about it, the 2022 BMW Truck is not going to happen so soon. On the other hand, a concept is possible, just to spark the plug and check the reaction by public. There will be a lot of comments, be sure about it.

2022 bmw truck

2022 BMW Truck vs Audi and Mercedes

The trinity of German automotive industry. If the 2022 BMW Truck happens, be sure that two archrivals are going right after it. Well, we can hear similar rumors about the Audi pickup. But like for the BMW, there is no official source to confirm the development. On the other hand, Mercedes tested its capabilities with the X-Class. And it wasn’t a great experience. The vehicle is not in the production anymore. But, this was a brave move and Mercedes knows what to do to make things better. Audi and BMW don’t. One of the reasons why the X-Class project is gone, is that Mercedes used Nissan Navara as the base. The vehicle lacked class expected by three-point start manufacturer.


BMW has plenty of options to offer for this kind of vehicle. Even a turbo-four might be an option with 260 horsepower. Well, we see some mid-size SUVs with similar outputs coming from V6 mills. We believe the xDrive is going to be a standard option for the 2022 BMW Truck. A more potent plant is a 3.0-liter six-cylinder with more than 350 ponies. Engineers can tune it to burst even more power. Also, the final option is a V8. A 4.4-liter engine is good for 450 horsepower, at least. For some vehicles, the total output exceeds 600 hp. It won’t be the case for the pickup. An-eight speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive are the perfect combination. The towing capacity will be over 7,000 pounds. SUVs by this carmaker can do that.

2022 bmw truck

2022 BMW Truck Release Date and Price

Another reason why the 2022 BMW Truck is questionable is the lack of interest in luxury pickup segment. Truckers in the US are willing to spend to upgrade their rides. But, add-ons are usually improving performance, not luxury. The BMW Pickup would start around $45,000, which is an average price paid for a truck in the US. But, for this money, you can buy a full-size F-150 with advanced options, or Chevy Silverado with a V8 unit. Let’s not mention diesel trucks that can tow more than 12,000 pounds.

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  1. Any truck offering has got to have a minimum truck bed of 6 1/2’ long, and be able to fit a 4’ wide sheet of plywood
    between the wheel wells.
    If they can’t do that, don’t bother.
    BMW has a great inline 6 Cylinder engine that would fit nicely in a truck!


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