2021 Audi Truck Concept

One of the most interesting concepts we could see next season is the 2021 Audi truck. The German carmaker is considering a move into new waters for a quite while. The situation is not bright in the luxury pickup segment, but Audi wants to take advantage of the lack of competition. The mid-size class is growing. Recently, Ford brought back Ranger to the US, while Jeep added Gladiator. The next things we can expect are hybrid drivetrains and premium trucks.

Plus, Audi has another good reason to make a pickup. Mercedes is already testing the market with its X-Class. Well, it is not what we expected to be since the truck is based on Nissan Navara. Nevertheless, if this brand shows up, the MB will give it its own characteristics. Meanwhile, it is up to Audi and BMW to respond to the challenge by the archrival. Some renders are already out, and it seems the new 2021 Audi truck will be based on Q7 SUV. A 3.0-liter engine and Quattro AWD are certain.

2021 Audi truck
It is hard to believe the Audi pickup will look like this, but fans are thrilled with an idea

Luxury Pickup Truck Market

There is a clear path ahead of the 2021 Audi truck. Mercedes X-Class is not the premium model. It is cheap compared to SUVs and sedans by the same carmaker. For a long time, the medium truck segment struggled in the US. The competition by SUV class was tough and pickups could not respond to the versatility of these vehicles. However, truckmakers made then tougher and more capable of working. So, this is the biggest advantage.

The luxury equipment means a lot of posh features, which won’t make 2021 Audi truck work better. People love pickups. They pay nearly $45,000 average for a new vehicle. But, these are working machines whose utility has no competition. On the other hand, the luxury will take on other classes and it is questionable how this battle could end. On the other hand, true truckers will spend extra for premium features and options that will make work easier and more comfortable.

2021 Audi truck concept

Photo credits: Carscoops

What to Expect From the 2021 Audi Truck?

 The 2021 Audi Truck will have to attract buyers with something new. Well, it won’t be so hard with all the premium gadgets the German carmaker is offering. Under the hood of the pickup will be a 3.0-liter engine as the base offer. Also, Audi might offer more power from a 4.0-liter unit. Still, a V6 can do 330 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque. The towing capacity is pretty respectable with 7,700 pounds.

Speaking of body style, the new pickup should be a five-seater. Premium and Prestige are two trim levels available in most Audi vehicles. The truck should get them too. On the other hand, the price will definitely be the stumbling block. Midsize pickup trucks with a V6 start at $25,000. With a more powerful unit and luxury equipment will make it significantly more. Expect the 2021 Audi Truck to start from $40,000, at least. Also, do not be surprised if the MSRP reaches $45,000 or higher. The Prestige package adds a lot of cool features, but it costs $10,000 more than Premium.

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