2024 Audi Truck Will be Based on the Q7 SUV

Automotive giants from Germany are not so willing to step into the pickup truck market. Mercedes tried it with the X-Class but failed. Well, one of the reasons is because it was rebadged Nissan Navara. However, it seems like all the German carmakers are thinking about this move. BMW is serious about launching the pickup, and we could also see the 2024 Audi truck. If only one manufacturer makes a move, others will follow. We need a spark.

The speculations about the 2024 Audi truck are becoming more serious. Anyway, there are no facts about its existence and development. Our sources say it is possible, but they don’t have clues. Experts believe the pickup is going to be an SUV-based model with a unibody architecture. The Q7 SUV seems like a legit base for further upgrades.

2024 Audi Pickup Truck release date

2024 Audi Truck Specs

Since the 2024 Audi truck is going to share the platform with the Q7, it is very likely that we’ll see the same engines under the hood. Well, the German company has a lot to offer in this segment and don’t be tricked with small displacements. A 2.0-liter mill might be a good starter if the pickup will be small. A 3.0-liter fits better to the luxury nature of the Audi family. A 4.0-liter V8 is less likely, even as a high-end alternative.

A four-banger is good for 260 hp, which is more than enough for the mid-size class. Most six-cylinder units are not too far away from this output. A V6 improves the performance thanks to 330 ponies. Standard towing capacity is going to be around 5,000 lbs, which is better than the Q7 can do. Well, it is a truck. A V8 can increase everything, but such a pickup would be too expensive. It puts out 500 horsepower, 570 lb-ft, and increases the towing capacity to 7,700 pounds for the Q7. There are no too many pickup trucks that can match those outputs.

2024 Audi Pickup Truck concept

Electric Truck

Not only the 2024 Audi truck, but also SUVs and sedans, will be electrified in the foreseeable future. The E-Tron concept is now involved in every segment. But, there are no too many products in the market with a fully-electric powertrain. It would be interesting to see the 2024 Audi pickup testing this segment. We have GMC Hummer, Silverado, Ford Lighting, and Tesla Cybertruck. Audi could be the next carmaker to join this list. But, it again depends on Q7 and its electrification process.

2024 Audi Truck Price

One of the biggest problems about the 2024 Audi truck is its price. There are no too many luxury pickups in the market, since truckers rather look for utility. So, it is all about the performance. If the German manufacturer decides to test the new market, the price of their product will be pretty expensive, as it is with the SUV class. Do not expect the 2024 Audi pickup under $40k if it is a mid-size model. And, it is the version with a four-cylinder engine. A 3.0-l displacement or a bigger body will add $10k either.

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