2023 Tesla Semi Electric Truck: Release Date, Price, and Specs

The 2023 Tesla Semi Electric truck will start a new chapter in the company’s portfolio. It’s been five years since the company made the promise and the semi-truck is finally coming out. According to announcements, 100 units will be built by the end of the year. It is a big promise, but Tesla probably doesn’t unveil all the stuff about the latest project. Well, we call it new, but the first electric semi-truck news is from 2017.

After initial production, Tesla is going to speed up. During the next two seasons, there will be more than 50k units out of the plants. Each of the 2023 Tesla semi electric truck can do 500 miles on a single charge. But, the problem could be recharging the battery. The network is not so great and the expenses are going to be very high.

2023 Tesla Semi Electric Truck Release Date


The new electric semi-truck will start the evolution in the market. This move will make other truckmakers think about greener sources of power. Nevertheless, those vehicles won’t be cheap. First, the price is going to be high, the maintenance cost hefty and recharging long and very expensive. Some say that stations will waste as much energy as a small town. Nevertheless, the new era of trucking is in the sight. In ten years, those vehicles will dominate the roads, experts say.

2023 Tesla Semi Electric Truck Range and Towing

We are taking info by the company officials with a dose of the reserve. Elon Musk and co are always bragging. Yes, Tesla is a leader in the EV segment, but sometimes their announcements are too much. The 2023 Tesla semi electric truck is arriving five years after the company made a promise. Well, in the meantime, the pickup truck was launched. Now, it is time for the semi-truck.

The new model will be huge. For such a vehicle a lot of power is required. The battery must be big enough to provide around 500 miles of range. Of course, it will depend on the load. It is hard to imagine an electric truck towing 40 tons over such a big distance. But, Tesla is going to deliver that, sooner or later, no matter how far-fetched it looks like from this point of view.

2023 Tesla Semi Electric Truck interior

Hefty Price and Other Problems

According to sources, the first batch of the 2023 Tesla Semi Electric Truck will be sold for $180,000. The good thing, which makes the situation a bit easier, but not good overall, is a tax refund of $40,000. For this saving you can buy the Ford F-150. Still, the maintenance cost piles up and the total raises. Furthermore, there is still a problem with recharging network. Tesla needs to build stations, and you won’t be able to charge those trucks at home. Anyway, the first batch of 100 units is going to show how the market reacts. After that, Tesla will slowly incorporate electric semi-trucks into the segment. Eventually, those vehicles will replace trucks with internal-combustion engines. However, this is not going to happen so soon.

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