2024 Ford F-150 Main Changes and Price Update

An electric truck is under the spotlight. There is no wonder since it is the opinion-splitting arrival. Hardcore truckers don’t believe that electric batteries can replace either petrol or diesel units. Speaking of that, the truckmaker discontinued an oil burner, and it won’t be back for the 2024 Ford F-150.

Still, there is a wide choice of engines. Raptor is the flagship package and unique model in the entire market. But, Ram sets the challenge, so the new version of the off-roader is coming as well. So, a couple of changes are already announced, so the base model will probably come unchanged, or with minor modifications. Anyway, the price of the truck goes up.

2024 Ford F-150 electric

New Chapter: 2024 Ford F-150 Lighting

The 2024 Ford F-150 electric is something everyone expected to see after the debut of the Tesla Cybertruck. But, it won’t be the only rival, since GM is building Hummer truck and Silverado EV. Anyway, let’s stick to the F-150 Lighting. The EV can cover 230 miles in a single charge. If you pick an upscale configuration, the range can go up to 320 miles. The towing capacity of the F-150 EV is 5,000 – 10,000 pounds. The best thing about this pickup is the price. The Lighting package starts under $40,000. It is just $10k above the truck with the conventional unit.

2024 Ford F-150 Raptor R is Set For Debut

The Raptor edition was already putting Ford in advantage over the competition. Toyota TRD Pro could match its off-road capacities, but the engine made a difference. The F-150 is equipped with a 3.5-liter turbo-six mill that cracks 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque. But, the 2024 Ford F-150 Raptor R is going to be a high-end model with a supercharged V8 engine that produces 750 hp and it battles Ram TRX. That is the only reason for its arrival, since there won’t be too many truckers willing to spend $100k for the ride.

2024 Ford F-150 raptor r

2024 Ford F-150 Diesel

The Powerstroke diesel was cut out after a short stint. All the leading US truck companies were on the market with 3.0-liter units, and Ford is the first to leave the competition. The arrival of the electric pickup marks the dawn of diesel power. Still, Chevy and Ram are still out, so it is quite of a surprise why Blue Oval company quit this segment. Anyway, Ford is always looking at the future, and bosses want the best position when EVs take over the market.

2024 Ford F-150 interior

New Prices

Expect the new pricing list for the 2024 Ford F-150, with increased MSRPs. At the moment, you can buy truck for $30,000. But, the Super Crew cab adds $10,000. Electric truck is already announced to start at $40,000. But, a more potent electric batteries with a towing capacity of 10k pounds won’t be available under $55,000. Regular Raptor is a $75,000 truck, while the supercharged V8 engine adds about $30k. Options also can make the price go up pretty quickly, especially if you opt for the Limited edition with advanced technology.

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  1. the first paragraph says “The best thing about this pickup is the price. The Lighting package starts under $40,000. It is just $10k above the truck with the conventional unit.”
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