2023 Toyota Hilux vs Tacoma Comparison

We are monitoring the situation with the 2023 Toyota Hilux, trying to find out if anything is happening with the Tacoma truck in the US. The third generation is still running. Soon, the next series of pickup should be out if Toyota wants to stay competitive in the mid-size market.

But, let’s focus on the most popular truck worldwide. The 2023 Toyota Hilux is Tacoma’s sibling available for all other countries outside the United States. Those trucks are sharing a lot of things in common. If anything changes on one, the other pickup will probably introduce similar upgrades. Well, for the 2023, no big changes are about to happen. Earlier, we found out about the next generation. It should be launched in 2024. For now, it seems Toyota sticks to the plan.

2023 Toyota Hilux rugged x

2023 Toyota Hilux Specs

One of the key differences between the 2023 Toyota Hilux and Tacoma will be under the hood. In the US, we won’t see a diesel engine. On the other hand, the D-4D is way more popular than the gas setup in Europe, Australia, South America. A 2.4-liter turbodiesel is the base choice with 110 kW (150 hp) and 400 Nm of torque (equivalent to 295 lb-ft). There is also a 2.8-liter oil burner, also turbocharged, with 150 kW under the hood (200 horsepower). The torque also gets a boost and many experts saw this configuration as the rival to Chevy Colorado Diesel. Unfortunately, it is not going to happen. Instead, the company is developing a hybrid truck.

2023 Toyota Hilux diesel

Special Versions

Like Tacoma, the 2023 Toyota Hilux will be capable for an off-road drive, even in the base form. However, for the best impression, we recommend using some of the special upgrades available for the truck. In the US, that is the TRD. Soon, some of those bundles might be available in selected countries where the Hilux is very popular.

Well, in Australia and Pacific Asia, Rugged, Rugged X and Rogue are the 4×4 specialists. Unique suspension upgrades will make the truck tougher. Of course, the Hilux need more protection and Toyota adds skid plates and other parts to preserve the body. The spray-on bedliner is standard for such models.


Like in the United States, Toyota faces Ford as one of its biggest rivals. Ranger is main competitor to Hilux, as for the Tacoma. Nissan Navara is another popular truck worldwide. We can compare it to Frontier. Surprisingly, General Motors is not so active outside the US. But, there are a few other truckmakers very popular in other areas. For example, Mitsubishi L200 and Isuzu D-Max are affordable choices. Also, Mazda broke up the partnership with Ford, and many fans expect a lot from the new BT50 pickup, that should feature the new I6 engine.

2023 Toyota Hilux

2023 Toyota Hilux Conclusion

Not having the 2023 Toyota Hilux in the US is not a big lose, since the company covers the gap with the Tacoma. However, we would like to see oil burner as one of the options in North America. For now, that is not going to happen. Even Hilux will move to the new platform if Toyota launches a hybrid truck.

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