2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel In USA?

Well, Tacoma is not the truck you can see outside the US. Toyota is producing Hilux for the rest of the world. Those twins share a lot of things in common. But, there is one big difference – Hilux is using diesel engines. Such configurations are more popular than those with petrol units. So, we have rights to believe the 2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel will eventually happen in the United States.

Unfortunately, current trends in the market are making hopes less positive. More companies are giving up diesel engines. The latest one is Ford. The Blue Oval truckmaker dropped the Powerstroke drivetrain for the F-150 pickup. Also, Toyota is building more hybrids recently. So, it is more likely to talk about such a truck, rather than the one with an oil burner. But, fans are not giving up onto 2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel.

2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel

Diesel vs Hybrid

Many experts already discussed about this. Diesel engines are delivering a better torque than petrol and hybrid configurations. Plus, oil burners are more efficient if you check the mileage. And finally, they are delivering the most important thing – the towing capacity. Those are a few things that keep them available in the market.

But, smaller vehicles are now turning more to the cleaner, hybrid technology. As a truck, for the Tacoma, towing capacity is the most important segment. However, mid-size segment is not as capable as the HD class, where V8 diesels are making a huge difference compared to petrol units. Just as the example – Chevy Colorado is a leader in the market with 7,700 lbs of towing capacity thanks to the Duramax engine. Some other pickups can do 7,000 pounds with petrol powertrains. So, the gap is not too huge, and the pressure from environmental protection agencies is mounting.

As a leader in the hybrid world, instead of the 2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel, the company could probably deliver a truck that uses petrol engine and electrical support. The Highlander SUV is already making a difference with its gas mileage. Tacoma could go the same way.

2023 Toyota Tacoma Dieselacoma

2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel Expectations

Still, the race in towing capacity brings the prestige. Chevy Colorado is not the best truck in the market, but everyone mentions it when speaking about the most capable units. However, Toyota was never biased toward such achievements. Instead, the Japanese company is looking in the future. And there is an electrification. Hybrid trucks are just a step toward the Tacoma EV with zero emission drivetrain. On the other hand, is the 2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel with high gases leak after the combustion.

If you ask fans, they would vote for the oil burner. It can improve the performance, capacity, and the mileage. Well, that is mostly everything a pickup truck needs. Still, this is more of the battle between immediate benefits and the long-term goals. The 2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel wouldn’t be available for too long. So, we can only watch the Hilux and its diesel configurations in other markets where the environmental protection policies are not strict.

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