2022 Toyota HiLux Facelift: Release Date in Australia Confirmed

The 2022 Toyota HiLux is going through a facelift. Australian magazine Carsguide reports. The truck is very popular in this country and fans expect to see the fresh model there first. Still, besides Australia, there are several other markets where the Hilux is No1 in sales.

It is time for changes. The 2022 Toyota HiLux facelift will also indicate what to expect from the US sibling, Tacoma. Besides the new look, one of the hottest rumors is the hybrid drivetrain. We won’t be surprised by such a move by the Japanese truckmaker. The SR5 entry-level trim will come with new colors and more equipment inside the cabin. The interior will seat two or five persons, depending on the cab configuration. Bedliners are optional.

2022 Toyota HiLux Specs

Most buyers will pick an oil-burner for their 2022 Toyota HiLux, although the truck is also going to be available with petrol units. The D-4D technology still survives, but it is just a matter of time when the company will shut down diesel engines. Nevertheless, the 2022 YM is still going to use a 2.8-liter displacement. Truckers from the US believed the same unit will be in their dealerships as well. It is not available yet, and it seems Toyota’s favorite will be a hybrid setup for Tacoma.

2022 Toyota HiLux rugged

Will There be Hilux Hybrid?

Various sources from Australia are reporting the development of the 2022 Toyota HiLux Hybrid. Besides the facelift, changes under the hood are also important. If hybrid happens, the truck is going to cement its place as the best truck in the world (except US, where it is available as Tacoma). The new setup is going to combine a petrol displacement with electric support to boost gas mileage and power outputs. The main question is how the MHEV system is going to affect the towing capacity.

Special Editions

The most capable versions of the Hilux is available in Australia. Toyota created a special lineup for the outbacks in this country. Rogue, Rugged, and Rugged X are 4×4 specialists. Truckers and fans from other markets are also keen to see some of these available. For now, there are no announcements, but this lineup is going to rival Ford Ranger Raptor. Invincible 50 is not coming back, since this was the model for 50th anniversary.

2022 Toyota HiLux Facelift

When Will 2022 Toyota HiLux be Available?

There are no official release date announcements, but inside sources are reporting that 2022 Toyota HiLux will be out by the end of the year. Special editions won’t be there straight away. On the other hand, the arrival date is going to depend on the development of hybrid drivetrain. When engineers finish the work, the truck will be ready for the premiere. However, let’s not forget about the 2022 HiLux facelift, new colors, interior, and other packages. All these changes are going to draw attention. The truck will need the upgrade with the growing competition. We will see a few new partnerships soon, after the breakup between Mazda and Ford.

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