What’s Going On with the 2024 Ford Super Chief?

We are talking again about the Super Chief project. And people will continue to be interested in this mighty truck. Now, with another year passed by, the next hope is set for the 2024 Ford Super Chief.

The concept is now old, but some of the solutions still seem futuristic. Nowadays, with the arrival of the F-150 Lighting electric truck, the tri-fuel configuration seems to be the next step in the evolution. Some say that the development of EVs pushed those ideas aside. Anyway, it will be cool to see the Super Chief in production.

The truck is based on the F-250 HD model. Nevertheless, in some speculations, we can find that engineers though about potential moving to the F-350, although the platform is pretty much the same. Like always, Ford is focused on such small details. But, if you ask experts about the 2024 Ford Super Chief, more than 95 percent will tell you to forget about this truck. There are higher priorities at the moment than the revival of an old idea.

2024 Ford Super Chief

2024 Ford Super Chief Rumors

It is interesting to see the truck being mentioned after all these years. The concept was introduced in 2006. The Super Chief is a build on the F-250 Super Duty model, with a tri-fuel engine system. Tough look and that unique drivetrain made it promising. But, the idea never entered production, mainly because of the high cost of this hybrid system. It was so futuristic.

But nowadays, more electric vehicles are being produced. Back in 2006, those were futuristic as well. Fans though that hydrogen cells would be used more after some while. Instead, the truck industry went to other direction. So, even being mentioned now, doesn’t mean too much. In a matter of fact, the arrival of the 2024 Ford Super Chief would be a huge, huge surprise.

2024 Ford Super Chief price

Tri-Fuel System and Cool Styling

As we said, the 2024 Ford Super Chief would be the F-250 on steroids. The exterior of the truck is bold. But, the base truck has been changed in past 15 years. However, even if the Super Chief shows up, some solutions must be carried over from the original concept. For example, suicide doors look very cool. On the other hand, the safety is very important, and this design is not better than the classic layout. Also, the hood opens like on the semi trucks, which is not too practical. When you take a look inside, you will be surprised to hear that Super Chief was designed in 2006. Even in 2024, the cabin will be futuristic and modern.

More important about this truck is its drivetrain system. The idea was to combine gasoline, ethanol and hydrogen, all in one unit. But, it looked impossible back in 2006, and it still is. Initially, a V10 engine was under the hood. Today, Super Duty class is using a 7.3-liter V8 petrol engine, but truckers love a turbodiesel more. With it, Super Duty trucks are delivering the best towing capacity numbers.

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