2024 Toyota Hilux News: V6 Diesel Is Coming For the GR Sport Model

Tacoma is the best-selling truck in the USA. But, the Hilux is an even more famous vehicle. Its reliability and performance are recognized among fans worldwide. Unfortunately, its endurance is sometimes used by criminal organizations. If you need a vehicle for off-road runs and extreme conditions, then the 2024 Toyota Hilux should be the No1 choice.

The truck is nearly 10 years in the market. The current edition will be replaced soon and it can happen already in 2024. Nevertheless, the company will keep some of the engine options. And, during this run, the pickup used seven different engines. Now, we can hear about the 2024 Hilux V6 diesel and the special configuration of the GR Sport.

2024 Toyota Hilux gr sport

2024 Toyota Hilux Conquest vs Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Two trucks have similar dimensions. Notable differences are in the wheelbase (half an inch in Hilux’s favor) and ground clearance (nearly 2 inches higher sits Toyota’s pickup). Of course, both packages are bringing parts that enhance bold and aggressive appearance. Inside, Toyota needs to catch up, since the Ranger Wildtrak comes with leather upholstery.

But, the main upgrades are in the engine room. A 2.0-liter turbodiesel is a bit more potent than the 2024 Toyota Hilux Conquest. It creates 215 hp, compared to 204 ponies coming from a 2.8-liter D-4D engine. Also, buyers like a 10-speed auto gearbox mated to Ford’s engine. In both cases, 4×4 is standard.

2024 Toyota Hilux V6 Diesel

The competition in the truck segment is tough. Ford Ranger is only the biggest rival at the top of the class. But, there are other truckmakers with a share in the market. But, the 2024 Toyota Hilux V6 diesel could cement the pickup’s place at the throne. We could find the truck with a V6 petrol unit. It was a big 4.0-liter displacement. Also, a thirsty one. The biggest diesel in the Toyota family is a 3.0-liter D-4D. Hilux used that configuration. But, a V6 is something fans would like to get.

2024 Toyota Hilux hybrid

2024 Toyota Hilux GR Sport Upgrades

Gazoo Racing is delivering special upgrades for Toyota vehicles. This time, they took the truck. The 2024 Toyota Hilux GR Sport is an ultimate package with a V6 diesel engine as the main highlight. Previously, it was using an enhanced version of a 2.8-liter D-4D plant. For the 2024 YM, the GR Sport bundle is getting a V6 engine with 230 kW and 690 Nm of torque (310 hp and 510 lb-ft). Still, this is just a wild guess of Hilux’s fans. No official word from the company yet.

Release Date and Price

The new truck will be available late in 2023. With big expectations about the new generation, the company will take time to deliver the perfect configuration. That includes all the options we mentioned above. Plus, there is a hybrid pickup in future plans. Whatever happens, the price of the 2024 Toyota Hilux will be higher than before, in all markets. The new generation and a V6 engine will skyrocket the cost of the truck.

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