2025 Ram Dakota Spy Photos, Arrives Very Soon

FCA is preparing a compact pickup for a debut. We have spy photos, we know how it will look, and there are speculations about specifications… but the hottest debate is about the name. The comeback of the 2025 Ram Dakota sounds cool. However, there are other nameplates in the mix, such as Ram 1200, or Jeep Wrangler pickup. Dakota would be definitely the #1 pick for most truckers.

The new 2025 Ram Dakota won’t have too many things in common with an old truck. It was a mid-size model. We expected it instead of the Jeep Gladiator. But, a couple of years ago, nobody knew that the compact pickup class would emerge as the new hot segment. Ford Maverick is the pioneer and other companies are also working on their models. Toyota is building Stout, and FCA will be out with a truck as well.

Spy photos are already here. There are no doubts the truck is in the final phases of development since it runs on the streets already. The pickup looks like a smaller version of the Ram 1500 and some enthusiasts call it Ram 1200. Until the official launch, there will be plenty of rumors. Once the company launches the concept, we will know more precise details.

new 2025 Ram Dakota

Compact Truck Market is Growing

Ford was heavily criticized when the rumors about the small pickup appeared for the first time. People thought this was only bait and the Blue Oval company is checking what the competition thought about it. But, it turned out that the Maverick was really under development. Again, not too many enthusiasts believed it could succeed.

After the debut of the Maverick, Hyundai launched Santa Cruz. Again, we knew the Korean company is working in the pickup truck, but many thought it will be a mid-size model. So, Santa Cruz missed it to be the first-ever compact pickup in the US market. Both vehicles sell well. Now, other companies saw they were wrong and started the development of their small trucks. The 2025 Ram Dakota, Toyota Stout, Chevy El Camino/Avalanche… are just some of the new pickups you might see in a year or two.

2025 Ram Dakota compact truck

Small Pickups Success

As said, many suspected in the success of the new class of trucks. Such vehicles are expected to tow a lot and that makes them different from SUVs. But, the compact class is different. The focus is on the efficiency. They are based on compact crossovers. The 2025 Ram Dakota will share the platform with Jeep Cherokee. The towing capacity is not high. Existing models are rated 2,000-4,000 pounds. There are even hybrid systems that return a better mileage, rather to haul extra. FCA is not into this game, but the new Dakota could change the course of direction in which the company is developing future vehicles.

2025 Ram Dakota: Under the Hood

A hybrid configuration is expected from the 2025 Ram Dakota. It won’t be a surprise if the company doesn’t deliver it exclusively for this truck. The safest bet is to see a carry-over from the Cherokee. A couple of four-cylinder units fit perfectly into the compact truck world. A naturally aspirated 2.4-liter mill can do 180 hp and 170 pound-feet of torque. A 9-speed gearbox sends power to the front wheels. The towing capacity of the Cherokee is 2,000 lbs and the same record is expected from the new Dakota.

An alternative is a turbocharged engine with 270 hp. The gas mileage of a 2.0-liter mill is the price you pay for extra power. Plus, this configuration can tow more than the base one. You are getting 4,000 lbs. The price is also higher if you are picking a more potent powerplant.

2025 Ram Dakota spied

2025 Ram Dakota Spy Photos and Release Date

With the test mule on the streets, we can expect the 2025 Ram Dakota to show up pretty soon. The company will unveil if the compact truck is going to be called different. Our favorite is Dakota. Spy photos are unveiling some things, but not the name, drivetrain type and outputs, interior… All we can conclude from the size is that the company is testing a compact pickup. Inside, there won’t be surprises. FCA will use the default design language and try to maximize comfort and safety.

The base price of the 2025 Dakota is going to be around $25,000. If the company skips a naturally aspirated engine, the turbo unit will add at least $5,000. The focus is on efficiency, so a 2.4-liter mill is likely to be offered to get the best towing capacity/fuel economy ratio. The truckmaker has to work fast. Ford is already taking advantage of the popularity of the compact truck class. Toyota will soon join the race. Dakota truck might also appear with the Dodge badge, which unlocks many other options, such as the SRT package.

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