Ford F-150 Tonka Pickup Truck: Price, and Specs

It is the best-selling truck, but also the favorite for different kinds of upgrades. Enthusiasts can add another modification to the list – the Ford F-150 Tonka. The Tonka truck is a well-known toy. Its distinctive yellow color is now transferred to the legendary pickup. But, that is not all. The F-150 Tonka is there to stun you with the style and performance.

The manufacturer that builds this version of the vehicle is Tuscany Motor Company. We will see a turbocharged V8 engine under the hood, a unique body and interior upgrades, and a distinctive yellow paintjob with a lot of details around the body. The company won’t produce too many of those trucks. The last time when the Tuscany Motor Company retuned the F-150, they promised 200 units, but they built only 126. The interest is high, but demand is not – mostly due to the price.

Popular Tonka truck toy

Ford F-150 Tonka V8 Specs

The Ford F-150 Tonka takes the engine from the most powerful model in the lineup – the Raptor. But, not the old one that relies on a high-output V6 engine, but the new one, the Raptor R. A supercharged 5.0-liter V8 blasts 700 horsepower. Ford uses it to compete with the Ram 1500 TRX and the Hellcat engine. For the Tonka truck, there are a few other modifications to make the ride unique. Still, the main thing is that the Tuscany Motors engineers are using the best plant available for the truck. There is also a lift kit available, as well as a special suspension. The company will retune the engine and provide a unique system.

Ford F-150 Tonka

Other Upgrades

The first thing you spot on the Ford F-150 Tonka is the eye-catching yellow paintjob. That is only the first distinctive upgrade the Tuscany Motors are presenting. Bars are under doors for an easier entrance. Performance tires are larger than standard and you are getting F-150 pickup with special rims. On the lower front bumper is Tonka logo. That is just one of many badges you will find on the body of the truck, as well as inside the cockpit.

Leather seats and steering wheel are making the Tonka truck so elegant. Windows tint doesn’t have to worry you, since it is not illegal in the US. Of course, a lot of yellow logos are showing this is the special edition.

Ford F-150 Tonka interior

Ford F-150 Tonka Release Date, Price

The Ford F-150 Tonka will be a limited offer. We still don’t know how many units Tuscany Motors Company plans to build, but there won’t be more than 200 copies. The last pickup from 2016 was built only in 126 examples, although 200 was the planned number. Anyway, the orders might start pretty soon, since the Raptor R is already out.

The price is the main reason why the Ford Tonka truck is not going to be sold out so quickly. The base Raptor truck with a V6 costs $70,000. Previously, you could buy it cheaper, and the 2016 Tonka edition was priced over $110,000. Now, with the MSRP of the Raptor R hitting being just under $110k, we assume that the Tuscany Motors will charge their upgrades more. Experts believe that Ford F-150 Tonka won’t be under $150,000.


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  1. Power is fun , but when you need to move it. I will take my 1952 Dodge truck. 4 speed grannie trani, hydrostatic drive. With the 6 cylinder engine. Go anyplace and move it, not fast not slow but half ass. They come in green with red spots, primer, pep boys turn signals, holes in the finders for easy mounting.


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