Ford F550 Towing Capacity

If you need a hauling machine for commercial duties, then the Ford F550 towing capacity will offer you over 30,000 pounds. To be precise, the max towing capacity of Ford F550 will be 31,900 lbs. Well, you will need a diesel engine and a dual rear wheel configuration and 4×2 drive system. Otherwise, the rating will drop. The 2019 Ford F550 will also come with a petrol engine, but this one is less capable.

The new commercial truck will be pretty versatile. Engines are making similar specs as for the Super Duty segment. However, this class will suffer a big redesign for 2020, possibly launching the new generation. All in all, buyers of the 2019 Ford F550 will choose between turbodiesel and petrol engines. Both are V8. Other options are trim levels, cab configurations, and colors.

Forf F550 Towing Capacity specs

Specs Sheet Ford F550 Towing Capacity

The new truck is ready to tow 31,900 pounds. It is possible if you take 6.7-liter turbo-diesel V8 engine. The chassis cab model is available with 4×2 and 4×4 drive. The first one is maximizing towing capacity. The other one is not bad either. Four-wheel drive can tow 400 lbs less and gives better balance and steering. On the other hand, fans expected to see the new 10-speed transmission. However, Ford sticks to a six-pace automatic gearbox. This wouldn’t affect the Ford F550 towing capacity.

Forf F550 Towing Capacity diesel

Petrol Engine Towing Capacity

A gasoline drivetrain for the chassis cab truck is a 6.8-liter V8. This is a bigger unit than other models in the Super Duty segment are using. With it, the Ford F550 towing capacity will be 20,600 pounds. Both diesel and petrol units are maximizing hauling capability with a 5th-wheel configuration and dual rear wheel setup. Without it, towing capacity is dropping to 18,500 pounds for both gasoline and diesel units, either in 4×2 or 4×4 system.

Rear Axle Ratio

All Super Duty Chassis Cab truck comes with three different rear axle ratios. Buyers will choose between 4.10, 4.30, and 4.88 models. A 3.73 axle is not available for this model, as we can see for F350/450 chassis cab pickups. These are configurations for diesel, while petrol is using only 4.88 RAR. The best Ford F550 towing capacity record we get from this axle with both engines.

Ford F550 Towing Capacity

Ford F550 Reliability

Towing capacity is not the only highlight of the new 2019 Ford F550. The truck is very comfortable and buyers can configure it almost as its smaller siblings. First of all, they will have to choose cab configurations. There are Regular, SuperCab, and Crew Cab available to start with. It is possible to combine them with either XL, XLT, or Lariat trim levels. All F550 trucks are using dual rear wheel configuration. The single rear wheel is available for Ford F450 Chassis Cab model.

2019 Ford F550 Price

The cheapest Ford F550 costs $40,000. It is a Regular cab XL truck. SuperCab adds $2,000 and Crew Cab another $1,000 for all configurations. XLT model costs $3k more than the XL. Lariat is not available with a Regular cab. The Ford F550 towing capacity also reaches 31,900 pounds with $60,000 model – Lariat Crew Cab version.

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