2020 GMC Sierra 2500 Release Date and Configurations

GM heavy-duty twins are entering the new generation in 2020. After the full-size models launching new series in 2019, it turns for big mules to step into the market. Well, we will have to wait before we see the first 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 units in salons and on roads. But, the next-gen trucks are bringing something special.

The price and release date of the 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 will be the last things we will find out. By the time of the premiere, details about XLT and All Terrain X configurations should be available. Also, fans can’t wait to hear everything about the upcoming GMC Sierra 2500 Denali pickup. For now, we can say – luxury and utility in one vehicle.

The heavy-duty segment will offer both petrol and diesel engine. The 2020 GMC Sierra 2500HD also comes in four trim levels – Sierra, SLE, SLT, and Denali. After the release, the company is going to refresh the squad with All Terrain X or AT4 packages. More about the AT4 and its features you can read HERE.

2020 GMC Sierra 2500 spy photos

2020 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Configurations

The new 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 will keep most of the configurations of its predecessors. We will see the HD truck in Double Cab and Crew Cab variants, with either short or long beds. Later, we will check out which are drive options – engines, transmissions, drive modes. After you pick the configuration you like, the next step is to equip the 2020 GMC Sierra 2500HD with suitable features.

The entry-level truck is Sierra. This package will get some updates, but it won’t come with too many hi-tech features to keep its price competitive with its main rivals. But, with SLE and SLT trim levels, buyers can upgrade the interior with features such as Digital Steering Assist or Dual-zone automatic climate control. Top of the line model is Denali, which can compete with luxury sedans and SUVs. Leather seats and premium infotainment system are highlights of this trim.

2020 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali

What will make the 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali so special? First of all, it’s appearance. Denali grille is an exterior highlight. Also, this model brings unique paint jobs. Larger 20-inch wheels are part of this package. The exterior is there to draw attention, but the interior configuration and features will definitely stun any GMC fan.

Inside, leather is covering most of the cabin. Seats are getting heating and cooling options. Front buckets are adjustable in 12 ways. Drivers will get a lot of help from new systems. The 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali configuration includes warning for lane departure and alerts for forward collision and safety.

2020 GMC Sierra 2500 denali

All Terrain X Package

If you want your ride to look tough, then you should wait for the first update of 2020 GMC Sierra 2500HD. General Motors is not going to launch all versions of the truck right from the start. In 2020 they will bring back the All Terrain X package. This is a set of features that will boost the durability of the pickup specialized for an off-road drive.

We believe there will be only two paint jobs available for the 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 All Terrain X truck. Last time, in 2017, these were black and white. Handles, mirrors, grille surroundings will also get unique colors.

Upgrades that make the heavy-duty truck more capable for an off-road ride are all-terrain tires and skid plates. The interior is also getting specific upgrades that will make this version different from its siblings.

2020 GMC Sierra 2500 Powertrains and Towing Capacity

The base drivetrain option for the 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 is a petrol unit. It is a 6.0-liter V8 motor with 360 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed transmission will have another run before the GM switches to the new gearbox. It transmits power to either 2WD or 4WD system. The same unit is capable to use a CNG, but in this case, the outputs drop. A 6.0-l CNG V8 produces 300 hp and 333 lb-ft of torque. Towing capacity of the petrol engines is between 14,000 and 15,000 pounds with the 2WD setup.

The more powerful turbodiesel can tow over 23,000 pounds. It is a class-leading 6.6-liter Duramax drivetrain with 910 pound-feet of torque. it also adds 450 hp. The diesel engine is using the same transmission, but Allison made a special treatment of a 6-pace transmission for better performance.

2020 GMC Sierra 2500 towing capacity

2020 GMC Sierra 2500 Price and Release Date

The new generation of the 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 will be presented at the NAIAS 2019. Detroit is a center of the automotive world. Especially in January, when the International Auto Show takes place in this city. Eyes of the fans from all across the globe will be pointed to NAIAS, and that makes this spectacle the right place for such a premiere. Last year, when all full-size truck showed off in Detroit, General Motors decided to make the special event in March to present the new Sierra 1500. There were no other debuts, so the spotlight was on this model. But the heat was almost gone, and the GM realized its mistake. They won’t make it again with 2020 GMC Sierra 2500HD.

The price of the new truck will be close to the current pricing. At least for the entry-level model. So, everything will start at $40,000. The 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali configuration, with more features and options, will go over $65,000.

What Does the Competition is Preparing?

Main competitors of the 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 will be Ford F-250 and Ram 2500. These models are also leaning toward new generations. Well, all big three truck companies are so successful because none of them can offer something the other one won’t follow.

One of the biggest advantages of the 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 will be a Denali model. But, buyers of the big trucks are looking working mules for towing, not for commuting and long trips. So, all these posh features are not so interesting in the HD segment. However, there are buyers who love both, utility and luxury. In that case, the Denali model is dominating truck without serious competition. Ford F250 Limited could challenge it, but the 2020 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali configuration is still way ahead of the rival.

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