Ford Ranger Electric Truck: All About New Ranger Lightning

The Ford Ranger electric truck is probably coming out in 2025. Like its bigger sibling, F-150, it will carry the Lighting badge. Well, it is not the only EV coming in next few years. The Blue Oval company announced more than 30 electric vehicles, and by 2030, the entire lineup is going to be electrified.

This sounds innovative and cool, but there are a few downsides. First of all, electric vehicles can’t replace conventional units when it comes to towing. Yet. Of course, the technology evolves, and tomorrow EVs will get on the line with petrol and diesel engines. Then, this technology is still expensive, recharging network is not developed, and electric energy is not too much cheaper than gasoline.

Having all this in mind, the Ford Ranger electric truck will have to bring something really stunning to conquer the market. Some fans still expect the announcement about the Ranger diesel pickup. We can’t imagine how hard it will be to accept an all-electric version.

Ford Ranger Electric Truck

What We Know So Far?

Ford is in the big electrification process. Sooner or later, all its vehicles will either be EVs, or discontinued. So, it is not a nonsense to talk about the Ford Ranger electric truck. Until a few years ago, it was impossible to imagine. Now, with the F-150 Lighting on the way, the game changes. It is not the only electric pickup we’ll see in upcoming season or two.

But, let’s stick to the electric Ranger. According to rumors, the debut is planned for 2025. Meanwhile, the company will unveil pieces of details about the look and performance. We can’t wait to hear how much the Ford Ranger electric pickup is going to tow. Experts already have price estimations. The base version should be around $40,000 to be competitive.

Ford Ranger Electric Truck lighting

Ford Ranger Electric Truck Range, Recharging Time

With two years to go until its debut, it is hard to guess specs of the new Ford Ranger electric pickup. The company can give us hints, but this segment is evolving very fast. From this point of a view, the EV must get more than 200 miles. Of course, it will also depend on the cargo. Towing capacity is a key for such vehicles. So, Ford must look for the best balance between these two segments. The Ranger EV must tow more than 6,000 lbs to be competitive, not only against other electric pickups, but petrol and diesel units.

The 2024 Ford Ranger Electric Truck might be based on the F-150 Lighting EV.

Future Plans

So, we have an announcement of another electric truck. The first one is, of course, F-150. It is already on the way under the Lighting badge. The Ford Ranger electric truck is the second one, and it will also belong to the Lighting family. Maverick is a small delivery pickup, that also expect an electrification. On the other hand, Ford has no intentions to treat the Super Duty segment the same way. For now. Let’s see first how the Ranger and F-150 are going to be accepted, since the future of the entire electrification depends on that.

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