What Is GVWR on a Pickup Truck?

There are a few acronyms in the trucking world. Most of them are important for towing and capacities of the pickup. Let’s check them all. The focus is on the GVWR. It stand for the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. It is the number that indicates maximum load weight of the vehicle. That includes vehicle’s mass and everything it carries. On the other hand, the payload is just the cargo you can put in the bed.

You will also find a few more acronyms. For example, the GAWR stands for Gross Axle Weight Rating. This one shows how much weight you can put on each axle. The GTW – Gross Trailer Weight is a total weight of the trailer. Then, you can put some things on the coupling point, and the maximum is shown under the TW tab. Curb weight is the weight of the empty vehicle, while the Dry Weight shows the mass of the truck without any fluids.

GVWR on a Pickup Truck

GVWR on Different Trucks

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is the total weight of the truck, including chassis, fluids, aftermarket upgrades, and total payload. Once rated, the GVWR can’t change. Depending on the maximum rating, we have different types of trucks. Also, truckers need special licenses for some sorts of weights. For example, to tow more than 10,000 lbs, you need the CDL (commercial driver’s license). It is also required for the Gross Combined Weight Rating (truck + trailer).

The GVWR classifies trucks according to the maximum weight. So, the Class 1 are the models with 0-6,000 lbs. Then, for the next two classes, the limit increases by 4,000 pounds. Class 4 is between 14k and 16k, while the Class 5 limits the GVWR to 19,500 pounds. Between 19,001-26,000 lbs is Class 6, Class 7 is up to 33,000 lbs, and beyond this one is the Class 8.


Trucks With the Best GVWR

Of course, the largest trucks has the largest GVWR. Those are commercial models from series 5 and 6. You won’t find too many of these – Chevy Silverado 550 and Ford F-550/F-650. But, more frequently, you can see Series 3 pickups, or 1-tone trucks. Chevy Silverado 3500 and GMC Sierra 3500 are mechanical twins. With a diesel engine, the GVWR of Sierra is 11,500 lbs, and petrol engine is just behind. Ford F-350 has the gross weight rating at 10,100 pounds, but the new generation is debuting this year with improved capacities. We expect the same from GM and Ram trucks.

Of course, there are half-tone and mid-size pickups that can get the job done. The legendary F-150 has the GVWR of 7,050 lbs. Its rivals are at the similar level. Chevrolet Silverado has a rating of 7,000 lbs and the Ram 1500 is a bit behind with 5,500 pounds. Toyota Tundra leads the way with 7,200 pounds.

In the mid-size class, Tacoma is at 5,600 pounds, Ford Ranger beats it with 6,050 lbs, and Jeep Gladiator is between them two. There is also the new segment in the truck market – small Ford Maverick is rated at 5,000 lbs, while the Hyundai Santa Cruz is at the similar level. Some SUVs can beat this.

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