Ford Raptor Shelby Truck or Raptor R – Which One You Choose?

Shelby is tuning the Raptor truck almost since its first appearance. The off-road oriented model appeared in 2010, and the first Ford Raptor Shelby came out three years later with improved performance. The company is well-known for enhanced Mustang cars, but nowadays, the star of the lineup is the truck. The latest model is coming with upgraded suspension, special wheels and other exterior parts, and unique interior.

So, the Ford Raptor Shelby is packing everything to make the Raptor truck better. However, it is still not on the same level with the Raptor R, the latest Ford’s creation. Compared to the Shelby truck, the R model adds extra power thanks to the supercharged V8 engine. Still, thanks to customized parts, the Raptor Shelby is more expensive.

Ford Raptor Shelby Truck

Ford Raptor Shelby Upgrades

The new Ford Raptor Shelby truck for 2023 and 2024 season is receiving a specs treatment. There are plenty of upgrades that will make a ride more comfortable. Special Shelby front grille dominating the front fascia with the Baja Raptor hood. There are also intake and extraction vents. Special graphics and badges are all around the vehicle. The truck features side steps with rock sliders. Under the hood is a plate with serial number. The same plat is on the dashboard as well. Front bumper comes with tow points and air vents, curved light bar, and LED lights. Bed also offers a few upgrades.

Besides the plaque, inside the cockpit you will find leather upholstery and Baja floor mats. There are lots of carbon fiber elements. Windows are tinted and Billet delivers racing pedals. Tires are 37’’ BFG KM3, of course all-terrain, and these are wrapping 18-inch company’s wheels.

Ford Raptor Shelby specs

Ford Raptor Shelby Specs

Let’s go back to the main thing here – performance upgrades. Shelby took the standard Raptor and its 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo unit. Ford tunes it to 450 hp and 510 lb-ft. Some newer versions feature a hybrid support for a higher torque (570 pound-feet), but lower power output (430 horsepower). The Ford Raptor Shelby delivers 525 horsepower and 610 lb-ft of torque. The upgrade includes a special high-flow intake with oversized tube, aluminum intercooler, one-piece heat shield, unique exhaust and BDS suspension. This setup will make the truck run 0-60 mph in almost 3 seconds.

Ford Raptor Shelby vs Raptor R

Shelby’s upgrade can be only compared to the new Raptor R. Ram started a new game with the TRX model. Maximum power of 525 hp from the Ford Raptor Shelby seemed to be incredible, but the Hellcat unit brings everything to the whole new level. Of course, Ford responded with the Raptor R that features a supercharged V8 engine with 700+ hp under the hood. It beats Shelby’s model in outputs, while also delivering performance and styling upgrades. Also, Ford Raptor R is a factory option and you have warranty. Shelby is also offering 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on their parts.

Ford Raptor Shelby Truck interior


Raptor R spoiled plans for the aftermarket company. Their build costs $143,310 and you have to make an order. Ford builds its truck in serial production and you can purchase it under $100k. For such a model it seems like a bargain. However, not too many truckers will splash 6-digits for the ride.

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