Audi Q7 Truck Concept and Release Date

The Audi Q7 truck is something worth of consideration. The mid-size three-row SUV could borrow the architecture to the mid-size pickup. The German company is thinking about this move for some while, but there are more cons than pros for this move. However, with the Q7 versatility and potential to tow, the truck based on the luxury SUV might be interesting to buyers.

Unlike two other big German carmakers, Audi never had a truck in its portfolio. Mercedes already tried and failed in this segment. BMW could have more success with a ladder frame. The Audi Q7 truck would be a different, smaller class. Styling, packages and engines borrowed from the SUV are a good starting point. Nevertheless, the pickup still needs a ton of upgrades and modifications.

Audi Q7 Truck

Audi Q7 Truck Pros and Cons

First of all, the luxury truck market doesn’t exist. Audi is not the first carmaker to think of this idea. However, all of them are reluctant to take the risk. Truckers are paying top dollar for higher-end configurations, but not to upgrade the ride with fancy stuff, but parts that can improve towing capacity and make work easier. The luxury truck market doesn’t exist with a reason. All the leading truckmakers are waiting for the green light and someone else to test the new segment before they make their move.

There are more downsides – for example, unibody concept. All the trucks ride on ladder frames which makes them more capable of towing. The only unibody truck was Honda Ridgeline, and the pickup is at the rock-bottom position on sales charts. Anyhow, such a platform will be more frequently used in the truck industry with the expansion to the compact segment. The Q7 is too big to underpin a small pickup.

As a luxury model, the Audi Q7 truck would be pretty expensive. On the other hand, there will be plenty of equipment. As mentioned, truckers would take goodies that improve towing, rather than appearance or premium ambience inside the cockpit.

Audi Q7 Truck interior


It is not hard to predict what kind of engines the Audi Q7 truck would deploy. In the US, the SUV is using a 2.0-liter turbo-four mill as the base powertrain. However, it is an entry-level choice to reduce the starting price. Big luxury SUV needs more than 260 hp. But, it can be enough for the mid-size truck. Again, we need to have in mind this is the premium choice and everything should be on a higher level. Non-premium pickups can produce more than 260 ponies.

So, a turbocharged V6 seems to be a better choice. It can deliver 330 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque for the SUV. Towing capacity for the Q7 is 7,700 pounds. If engineers maintain this level, it will be a great towing capacity. If they make it more potent, even better.

A V8 is not so likely to happen. The Q7 truck would be too expensive packed with a 4.0-l displacement and 500+ horsepower.

Audi Q7 Truck towing capacity

When Will Audi Q7 Truck Become Available?

In a few words – not so soon. The luxury truck market doesn’t seem to be attractive to carmakers and they don’t want to waste resources and funds into something that doesn’t generate profit. On the other hand, enthusiasts thought the same about the compact pickup segment. Now, after the success of the Ford Maverick, all other truckmakers want a piece of profit from this market. We could see the same from the luxury class. All this segment needs is a spark. It might be the Audi Q7 truck.

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