Various Sources: 2022 Kia Truck is Ready for Production

A few reliable sources are speaking loud about the 2022 Kia truck. Still, the vehicle doesn’t have a name, so we are suspicious a bit about the arrival. On the other hand, the Korean company already tried once, but the Mojave pickup has never entered the production. Now, the manufacturer is more serious. First of all, the platform will be shared with Hyundai. Santa Cruz is the first Korean truck to enter the US market. Like in the SUV/crossover segment, two carmakers will follow the steps of the other one.

Experts and fans are sure that 2022 Kia Truck will use the same technology as the Hyundai Santa Cruz. The base option will be a four-pot engine, while the upper trim levels are offering a V6 upgrade. This one is going to be a favorite among truckers, but a four-cylinder unit will also have its fans since it is going to cost cheaper. Some of the design solutions will be the same as for the fresh Sorento. A seven-seater SUV is going to be redesigned and Kia pickup will definitely use a new language.

2022 kia truck

2022 Kia Truck Specs

The base four-cylinder engine is predictable. Kia is using a 2.4-liter unit for the Sorento SUV. The same drivetrain will be under the hood of the company’s first pickup. The 2022 Kia Truck will gain 185 horsepower and 175 lb-ft of torque. Its main rivals are offering a similar amount of power with such drivetrains. Do not expect an exceptional towing capacity. On the other hand, the fuel economy is above the average for sure.

The optional powerplant is a V6. Here, we cannot say if engineers are going with a 3.3 or 3.8 displacement. The first one is used by Sorento and creates 290 hp and 252 lb-ft of torque. The other one is a new unit and it powers Telluride. In this case, it comes with the same amount of energy, but 10 lb-ft more. An eight-speed transmission is standard and sends power to front wheels. Kia might shift the power to the rear axle on its pickup. Towing capacity is expected to jump to 7,000 pounds.

2022 kia truck release date

Release Date, Price, Hybrid Truck

The 2022 Kia Truck will almost ready, according to sources. The company set it as the priority, but we couldn’t find an official source to confirm the pickup will be there in 2022. Still, all the things we found out about the upcoming truck indicate that Kia is ready for the new challenge. The pickup will arrive late in 2021 and sales will start by the end of the season.

The price will be competitive. With a four-cylinder engine, the offer is more attractive. Still, do not expect a bargain. The base MSRP won’t start under $23,000. Kia is not going to offer a single-cab configuration. Also, the V6 will make the price go up, probably closer to $30,000. If hybrid engine happens, and it is not impossible, the Korean manufacturer will have one of the most attractive offers in the market. Still, such truck does not exist yet, and we cannot estimate the price.

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