Ford Raptor vs Chevy Reaper vs Ram Rebel

At this moment, we have only one true off-road truck in the full-size segment. Of course, it is a Ford Raptor, based on the legendary F-150 pickup. But, things are warming up. Major competitors, part of the “Big Three” truckmakers, FCA and GM are also working on their projects to launch a competitor to the Raptor. General Motors is already testing the Chevy Reaper. Its full-size Silverado is the base for further upgrades. On the other side, Ram 1500 is also getting some muscles for various terrains. With the Hellcat engine, the new Ram Rebel could be the truck to watch very soon.

These three models are definitely the most interesting. Toyota Tundra TRD Pro is going to be another vehicle in this segment, but it is not a true off-road monster as Raptor, Rebel, and Reaper. General Motors is already testing some features we can find on Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 and GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 versions. But, the full-size segment and the battle between “Big Three” models are very specific. So, there is no room for mistake and new arrivals must be perfect.

It Is All About Power

While Ram Rebel and Chevy Reaper are still under development, Ford Raptor owns the entire segment. It uses a 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine with outputs of 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque. Well, it is not all about the engine and its power. Special suspension and shocks are soaking bumps in off-road adventures. Fox is producing the best products in the market, and we are sure both Ram Rebel and Chevy Reaper are going to use the same feature. A 10-speed automatic transmission sends power to all Raptor’s wheels.

Ford’s rivals are yet to announce specs of their trucks. Well, some sources are informing about mighty engines that will top the RAPTOR”S performance. Ram Rebel is going to use a Hellcat engine. It is a 6.2-liter supercharged unit with a surreal output of 707 hp. FCA is already using it for Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk SUV and Dodge Charger SRT.

On the other hand, GM can also turn to its pony car segment and borrow a 6.2-liter supercharged unit. Chevy Reaper will get 650 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. An eight-speed automatic transmission is paired with the powertrain and sends power to all wheels.

Reaper is Spied, Ram Teased

Chevy Reaper is a concept vehicle and we are still waiting for its appearance. Well, the company is definitely testing the off-road truck, but we could see some radical upgrades on it. Silverado with muscles will be the best description. Spy photos are not showing too much, but still, they confirm the existence of the truck. We still don’t know when it will arrive, but experts believe that GM will challenge Ford Raptor already in 2020.

We can say the same for the Ram Rebel. The company gave us few hints about its debut. The best-known one is a display time set at 7:07 during the premiere of the Ram 1500 Diesel in 2018. There were some other occasions where we could read between the lines about the upcoming off-road pickup. The concept is official, but there is still no clue about its existence. No spy photos, no test mules. It seems like FCA will be a bit late if General Motors launches its Reaper next season. However, the Ram 1500 Diesel came almost undetected and stole the show at NAIAS 2018.

Raptor Future Upgrades, Chevy Reaper Could Be Silverado ZR2

Stories about Ram Rebel and Chevy Reaper are not without foundation. If these companies are after so high outputs, Ford Raptor will have to respond. We can hear already that the next edition will get a diesel engine. Still, it lacks a lot of power compared to its rivals. On the other hand, Ford could launch a new engine soon. Lately, we can read reports about Raptor and the new 7.0 engine. Meanwhile, experts believe that Chevrolet will launch an off-road truck as ZR2 trim level for Silverado 1500 instead of Reaper.


Ford Raptor costs just above $50,000. If its rivals come with big engines, the existing truck will have a price advantage. Neither Hellcat or SS engine can be available so cheap. If you take a look at the models carrying them, you will see these are high-end options. On the other hand, power gain could be worth of additional $20k-$30k. The new 7.0 engine is also going to increase the price of the Raptor. But, Ford is still quiet about development, price, and models that will get their latest addition.

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