7:07 It is Time for Raptor-Killing Ram 1500 Hellcat

Ram is battling Ford in all truck segments. Not only that they responded with diesel half-ton truck, but now they have a rival for F-150 Raptor. Well, according to early info, Ram Rebel will be more than that. It will get two versions, TR and TRX. The first one is topping the performance of the Raptor with its 7.0-liter engine. But, the Ram 1500 Hellcat is a killer with a Hellcat engine we can find in some supercars made by FCA.

The Ram 1500 Hellcat will be the most powerful half-tone truck. It will produce magnificent 707 horses. Although it is not official, Ram is hiding easter eggs all around. True fans found one at the presentation of the Ram 1500 truck for next season. Many visitors took a close look at the exterior, engine room, interior features. But, only rare enthusiasts paid attention to the new touchscreen display and time shown on it. It was 7:07. Accidentally? We wouldn’t say so.

Ram 1500 Hellcat side

Ram 1500 Hellcat Engine

Under the hood of the Ram 1500 Hellcat will be Hellcat. We can find detuned versions of this unit in Dodge Challenger and Charger. For these vehicles, engineers set the output at 575 hp. The Hellcat version of Rebel pickup will get 707 horses. It sounds unbelievable, but it is possible. Of course, there are other parts as well. Ram will have a lot of tasks before it sets up the truck for both on and off-road drive. But primary, the vehicle is more oriented for tough terrains.

Ram Rebel TR Model to Get Less Potent Drivetrain

As mentioned, Rebel will have two versions. TRX will definitely steal the show. However, the Ram Rebel TR is worthy of mention as well. It will be equipped with a 7.0-liter V-8 engine. With outputs of 520 hp and 525 lb-ft, the mill is delivering more than Ford F-150 Raptor. Also known as Banshee engine is bigger than the V-6 in its rival, but output is the only thing that counts.

Ram 1500 Hellcat rear

Ram 1500 Hellcat Release Date – Sooner Than Everyone Expected

When we heard of Ram Rebel TRX, first estimations said that the truck is coming in 2020 or later. Usually, fans are disappointed with delays, but this time it is not the case. The Ram 1500 Hellcat is ahead of schedule. The company already announced it, and the production could start in 2019.

Debut of Ram 1500 truck at NAIAS 2018 gives us positive signals. Not only that company spokesmen talked about the Rebel, but we found out a tiny detail on the new Uconnect infotainment system. The time on clock showed 7:07, and the new Ram 1500 Hellcat should deliver 707 horsepower. This company is well-known for these kinds of easter eggs. But no more details were found about exact release dates.

Ram 1500 Hellcat 707

Ram 1500 Hellcat Unique Design

The Ram 1500 Hellcat is based on the Ram 1500. And it is where the story ends when we talk about these two vehicles. All exterior parts are more functional off the road than on streets. Front grille, steel bumpers, skid plates, fenders… everything is special for TRX. Suspension and 4×4 Performance Control System will boost traction and balance on toughest terrains.

Ram 1500 Hellcat Price

Without some premium equipment, the Ram 1500 Hellcat will definitely cost significantly more than its main rival. Yes, we said main, because there are other performance-oriented vehicles that will spoil the party of Rebel and F-150 Raptor. GMC Sierra 1500 Denali is one of these premium trucks that cost as a hell. We doubt Ram 1500 Hellcat will reach $70,000 price tag hanging on Denali truck.

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