Ram Rebel TRX Concept To Get Production Version In 2020

A truck that runs 100 mph off the road? Impossible. Well, not for a quite long. The Ram prepares the brand-new vehicle that would be able to do such things. The Ram Rebel TRX Concept is present for a while. However, the latest rumors are now speaking about the production of this truck. Pretty impressing specs are bringing not just high speeds. Massive output of the Hemi unit will make this truck a competitor in the performance-boosted class.

Th upcoming season could launch Ram and its truck to the stardom. Not only that Ram Rebel TRX concept is finally about to get into production, but we will see also many other novelties. First of all, its light-duty truck Ram 1500 will be available in dealerships very soon. Also, heavy-duty class suffers numerous changes. Spy shots unveil a lot, but we can’t see what is under the hood. Rumors are reporting about 2500HD and 3500HD models with diesel units. Furthermore, the company could show up in 2020 season with revived Power Wagon 6×6 idea. With TRX model, the story would be complete.

Ram Rebel TRX Concept

Ram Rebel TRX Concept Release date

The production of the Ram Rebel TRX Concept truck will start in 2020. But, when we will see first images of the vehicle? The question that bothers fans and enthusiasts still don’t have an official answer. Instead, we could find info in other sources. Gossips and rumors are saying that 2019 will be pretty busy for Ram. After the release of Ram 1500 pickup truck, they will show up in every major auto show with a new model. The company hasn’t set priorities yet, so TRX could come either in Detroit, NY or late in 2019 in LA car show.


This is another dark area where there is no much info about the Ram Rebel TRX Concept. However, experts believe that the truck will cost not more than $60,000 for the initial model. Ram is not going to launch too many extra features and trim levels in 2020. Later, we could see different variations and price. According to first impressions, fans would be happy to see Rebel TRX with this price tag.

Ram Rebel TRX Concept rear

Ram Rebel TRX Concept Drivetrain

We believe Ram Rebel TRX Concept will use a 6.2-liter V-8 Hemi powertrain. With a supercharger, it will be capable to produce over 570 horses. Dodge Challenger is using the same unit. There, the engine can deliver 707 hp. But, for this kind of vehicle, it would be crazy to allow such amount of energy. Differentials and suspensions probably couldn’t take it. However, the solution is still way ahead of the Ford Raptor. Suspension travels 13 inches. Paddle shifters are part of an 8-speed transmission box. Of course, the Ram Rebel TRX will use a 4×4 drive.

Ram Rebel TRX Concept top

Ram Rebel TRX Concept Styling

Besides special drivetrain, we will find many unique features on the Ram Rebel TRX Concept. Nevertheless, side exhaust tips, large grille, and hourglass design are very functional, not only stylish. Inside, the truck offers plenty of comfort in its leather seats. We can be sure that the latest features and systems will be part of the truck in 2020.

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