Volvo Pickup Truck Spied on the road

What seemed to be impossible is happening. The Volvo Pickup Truck was spied on the road. This vehicle is a wish of some fans from all around the world. But, realistic fans know it is almost impossible to happen. There are many reasons for this. But, with claims from some people that they saw the vehicle on the road, we can get a surprise from the Swedish carmaker.

The success of Volvo is based on innovations and presence in all segments. However, luxurious trucks are not so popular yet. These are rather working machines, and manufacturers are fighting to deliver a better performance. But, if Swedish carmaker manages to offer the best combo of specs and riding quality, then success is certain.

Volvo Pickup Truck Concept and Platform

It is not certain yet what would Volvo Pickup Truck look like. However, some rumors say that the company will use the XC90 crossover as the base for a new vehicle. It would be the most logical move. Sizes of big SUV and a truck are close enough. Furthermore, existing drivetrain could be a good start for a pickup. It is capable to tow, works smoothly, and what is the most important – it is economical.


The premiere and release date are not set yet, although it could happen very soon. Since spy shots report about the truck, fans can prepare for big news from Sweden.


Besides XC90 as a platform for Volvo Pickup Truck, there are some other possibilities. The company could use a smaller SUV. The XC70 would bring versatility, and the truck would be more luxurious than functional. It depends on which way Volvo wants to go. The alternative on other side is VHD hauling truck. With detail picked up from it, Volvo Pickup will be one of the most capable working machines in the class. But, then riding quality and overall comfort are going to suffer.

Volvo Pickup Truck interior

Volvo Pickup Truck Drivetrain and Specs

Under the hood of the XC90 is a 2.0-l turbo engine with the potential to develop 320 horses. That is enough for Volvo Pickup Truck, especially in combination with 300 pound-feet of torque. Towing capacity is still unknown, but Volvo will be on par with upcoming BMW and Audi trucks. Engineers could opt out of some other drivetrain. Also, a new unit for a new vehicle is a great idea.

If there are doubts about the powertrain, then the transmission is certain. It is an 8-speed auto gearbox that also offers manual shifting mode. Drivers will know to appreciate this, especially in the off-road ride.

Volvo Pickup Truck badge

Hybrid Truck

When we are already talking about C90, we must mention that the crossover offers a hybrid variant. Can Volvo Pickup Truck come as a plug-in? Absolutely yes. The company needs something special, and this could be it. The same petrol unit as for the base model could be used to combine it with an electric motor. For the SUV there are 2 AC engines with 9kW of power. With it, the total output of the hybrid system is 400 horses. Torque level raises even higher, up to 450 lb-ft.

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