2019 GMC Canyon Mid-Cycle Refresh

While we are waiting for the new generation of GMC’s compact truck, we could see a mid-cycle refresh in 2019. Currently, all attention is on the new full-size pickup, Sierra 1500. Until its selling number start to cooldown, we won’t see big news about its small sibling. However, the 2019 GMC Canyon will get a refresh to revive the interest among fans. Also, this edition will come good to prepare the path for new generation

There might not be significant changes on the base model of the truck, but there is Denali edition which always brings excitement. Not only that fans of GMC Canyon are looking jealous of it, but also all enthusiasts and truck lovers. Also, changes on the pickup could bring a diesel unit to see how it works under the bonnet Canyon.

2019 GMC Canyon

2019 GMC Canyon Refresh

The appearance of the 2019 GMC Canyon could get a refresh with few more exterior and interior colors. However, big changes in dimensions and styling are not coming for this edition. We will probably see the same bumpers, headlights, and bed box. The bedliner is the only tunable part on the back of the truck which doesn’t demand a big investment. Minor changes on the exterior will be enough for fans. They appreciate every detail.


While nothing special expects us outside the 2019 Canyon, we could see some updates inside the cabin. It is still early to speak about infotainment since technology is evolving every day. To be competitive, the pickup truck must offer the latest equipment and parts. With the same GMT 31XX concept used for the 2019 year model, GMC Canyon is not going to change the structure of cab configurations and bed lengths.

2018 GMC Canyon interior

2019 GMC Canyon Engine Lineup

There will be three drivetrains for the 2019 GMC Canyon. Base models are offering a 2.5-liter V-6 unit under its hood. It is capable to produce 200 hp for the current model. However, a revisit could boost it for another 10 or 15 horses. The same thing could happen with torque, which is at 190 lb-ft for petrol mill. Power goes through manual transmission by default, while an automatic gearbox is optional.

Another petrol unit is not coming with the possibility to choose transmission mode. It is a 3.6-l LGZ V-6 engine with more power on the output. For truckers that need better towing results, 2019 GMC Canyon with this drivetrain can deliver 310 horses and 275 lb-ft of torque. As we already said, it is coming exclusively with an automatic gearbox. Compared to a 2.5-l unit, it has 8 gears.

2019 GMC Canyon engine

2019 GMC Canyon Denali Diesel Engine

Finally, the Canyon Denali. These kinds of trucks are separating fans. Choosing between power and torque makes diesel very popular, or hated. For example, the truck for 2019 season will have a 2.8-liter V-6 unit which produces less power than the base model. Diesel is capable to deliver only 180 hp. On the other hand, even the big V-6 unit can’t match its 370 pound-feet torque rate. All-wheel drive is standard, as well as the same 6-speed automatic transmission as for siblings with the 2.5-l engine.

But, all these numbers don’t mean too much if there are no tangible assets. Power could offer pleasure and a dose of adrenaline. But, real thing lays in towing capacity. The Denali model can tow 7,700 pounds while offering better fuel economy numbers than bigger V-6 petrol unit.

2019 GMC Canyon Trim Levels

Besides Denali, 2019 GMC Canyon will come in five more trim levels. A diesel truck is the most expensive, but SLT model can be a competitor. We already know that Denali has an advantage in towing capacity and mileage, but equipment is pretty much the same for two trim levels. Only a few things we can find in either truck that other one doesn’t have. Even if there are such equipment, it is optional for the one without it as standard.

Entry-level trim has a nice equipment. Every trucker will be happy with 7-inch infotainment screen and one USB port. Multiple ports are available from SLE trim level.

2019 GMC Canyon


Safety features also depend on trim levels. The truck is popular because every passenger feels secure in it. That is the main advantage over crossovers. The current edition of GMC Canyon earned a 5-star overall rating in National Highway Traffic Safety Administration test. If you have a child, you will easily mount a seat on the rear bench of Crew Cab models. But, a passenger in the front seat will have to move its bucket forward, leading it to somehow uncomfortable position. Front and side bags are standard.

From systems that will help the driver, 2019 GMC Canyon will offer forward collision and lane departure warning as optional features. OnStar system offers remote unlocking the door. Also, it alerts an owner with notifications if the vehicle is stolen. A rearview camera is a part of standard equipment for all trims.

2019 GMC Canyon Release Date and Price

The GMC is not going to rush with a release of the new Canyon. Mid-cycle refresh is not bringing too much of excitement. So, it is likely that we won’t see the 2019 GMC Canyon in 2018. However, the company could launch Denali model before others. This wouldn’t be a surprise.

The price is also not taking modifications. Base models are coming from $22,000. That is a similar price to the current entry-level model. We will see if there will be rearranging of the features among other trims. This is the major factor in their cost. The SLE is not going to be under $28,000. Top of the class petrol model SLT is around $32,000 in Extended Cab configuration and with 2WD. Denali will be the first model ever in Canyon lineup to cost $40,000 with base equipment.

Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon


Ford is a leader in US market, and it is normal to compete in the compact truck segment. However, in 2019 we expect big news from a company who already announced the return of the Ranger. Jeep also prepares new Scrambler truck. This vehicle causes a lot of interest so far. Also, 2019 GMC Canyon will see tough competition from Japanese carmakers.

You can read HERE our review about these and other competitors in the compact truck segment to check out what to expect in 2019.

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